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Svancarek Surname History

The Svancarek family is originally from a small town in modern day Slovak Republic near the regional center of Trencin. The ancestral village of Ujazd was incorporated into Skalka and Vahom. The forefather of the family is most likely Adam Svancarek, born about 1720. He was born into the locally important family of Malich. Another man of the name Adam Malich was already living in the town of Ujazd, which is probably why there was a need to differentiate. The first mention of Svancarek in church books is in 1769. Subsequently it is found several times in conjunction with Malich, and eventually stands alone. Curiously, at the turn of the 18th and 19th century there was an explosion of family members with the name Svancarek in the town of Ujeddo (Hungarian for Ujazd). Though based on the books of births, marriages and deaths for the Skalka Parish there are many more members of the Svancarek family, to the best ability of the writer there are 5 main branches of the family and several small branches that are not easily attributable. Two branches are descendants of my great grandfather Karol Svancarek b. 1870, & his brother Ignatius born 1861. Two additional branches are descended from Michal Svancarek b. 1853 & his cousin Jan who was born in 1871. Failure to communicate with the Austrian branch of the Svancarek family leaves the nature of their relationship as unknown.

Svancarek family history has a rich and complex origin whose details have been accumulated over the years by Svancarek family members. The last name Svancarek is comparatively recent when compared to many Anglo-Saxon surnames originating in the 12th through 15th century. As mentioned below, Svancarek originated in the 18th century and family members have now migrated to at least a half a dozen nations outside their native Slovakia. Besides Slovakia, people having born with the name Svancarek are also known to live in USA, UK, Austria, Czech Rep.. Likely also in Canada, Australia, though none are known to be in residence currently. The surname Svancarek means "small ax" and is spelled Švančárek in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Svancarek Discussion

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Mark Strelok I've been researching my grandmother's side of the family and stumbled upon this page. Her father was Josef/Josephus Svancarek (shortened to Svenk as seen in the posted photograph). However, I've been unable to piece together where he fits in with the rest of the Svancareks.

He married Mary Lehuta and emigrated to the United States. He had two sisters; Augustina who married Josef Dusik and Anna who married John/Jerry Janco (if anyone wants info on them, please ask).

I also discovered this: [external link] which describes the descendants of Karol Svancarek, though I believe the poster was in error regarding Josef Svancarek since this Ellis Island document (line 18 of original manuscript):

[external link]

says his fare was paid by Josef Dusik, his brother-and-law, which matches up to my findings. Since my findings (as well as my grandmother's memory!) say Josef married Mary Lehuta rather than Anna Hudkova, I am fairy confident the Yahoo groups poster made a mistake somewhere in his research.

Getting to the point, I was hoping somebody could confirm if the parents of Josef Svancarek (1898-1982) were Karol Svancarek and Anna Duzekova as in the Yahoo groups posting or, if otherwise, point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance
Dec 29, 2013 · Reply

Svancarek Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The Svancarek family is from western Slovakia, Trencin Region, Skalka nad Vahom III - Ujazd. At least some branches of the Svancarek family are Slovakian.

Svancarek Meaning & Etymology

švancara ž nem sekerka podobná valaške source:  [external link] translated into English: Svancarek means "small ax"  - similar to a valaska (Slovak shepherds ax). The suffix "-ek" instead of trailing "a" likely signifies diminutive form.

Svancarek Life Expectancy

According to our database of 12 people with the last name Svancarek that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Svancarek Family Tree

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Most Common Svancarek First Names

According to our database of 15 people with the last name Svancarek that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Ignace 13.3%
  • Joseph 13.3%
  • Frank 13.3%
  • Alfred 6.7%
  • William 6.7%
  • Ondrej 6.7%
  • Delphine 6.7%
  • Genevieve 6.7%
  • Ignatius 6.7%
  • Bertha 6.7%
  • Marie 6.7%
  • Mercedes 6.7%

Svancarek Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Svancarek is spelled Švančárek in Slovakia & Czech Republic and Svancarek in Austria & English speaking lands.

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Find birth, death, marriage, military, and other Svancarek records at

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