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Most Common First Names

  • James 2.8%
  • William 2.6%
  • John 2.0%
  • Mary 1.5%
  • Charles 1.4%
  • Robert 1.2%
  • George 1.1%
  • Thomas 1.0%
  • Betty 0.8%
  • Richard 0.7%
  • Raymond 0.6%
  • Walter 0.5%
  • Harold 0.5%
  • Earl 0.5%
  • Roy 0.5%
  • Paul 0.5%
  • David 0.5%
  • Joe 0.4%
  • Carl 0.4%
  • Willie 0.4%

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According to our database of 5,427 people with the last name Tackett that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy

67.6 years

Oldest Tacketts

These are the longest-lived members of the Tackett family on AncientFaces.

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Joyce Tackett my poems are listed on [external link] look for them under the name of joyce tackett.

i think i started making up stories when my father, omer lee tackett, would tell us children all the different and wonderful sayings like: tudel lump, mammy's little fatty, and i scream-you scream. i thought he was the most funny man i had ever known; except for grandpa clyde, of course.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Joyce Tackett-Whelchel I am new to all of this. I came across another Joyce Tackett and was amazed anyone else had the same name...ha ha. I am the 4th daughter of Mr. Henry A. Tackett and his wife of 60 plus years, Virginia Turner Tackett from Dallas, TX. His parents were Louis and Leuna Tackett from Ft. Worth, Texas. They had six children....Louis, Charles, Henry, Laura, Ombra and Margaret. All but Louis had children. We have a big Tackett Reunion each June in New Braunfels, TX. The family descendents came from Tennessee, I believe. My father, Henry Tackett fought in WWII...a Navy man. He is now 87 years young and full of vim and vigor. The Tackett's are a WONDERFUL family. I do believe this line of Tackett's (or at least the Tackett name) will die out with my generation....all girls. Sad. My father is loaded with the family history and family tree information.
Mar 10, 2008 · Reply