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Most Common First Names

  • Martin 3.1%
  • Joseph 2.3%
  • David 2.3%
  • Helen 1.6%
  • Florence 1.6%
  • Christ 1.6%
  • Isaac 1.6%
  • Robert 1.6%
  • Lavern 1.6%
  • Hans 1.6%
  • Christian 1.6%
  • John 1.6%
  • Doris 1.6%
  • Merle 1.6%
  • Samuel 1.6%
  • Wm 1.6%
  • Gustav 1.6%
  • William 1.6%
  • Marguerite 1.6%
  • Edna 1.6%

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Thomas Repp As a student of HFF, School for Film and Television in Munic, Germany, I made a documentary about old Route 66, starting in Chicago. With my fellow R.Barmettler, who did the camera, we travelled from chicago to LA, documenting what was left of this mythos Route 66. One of the first stops was Louis┬┤fabulous shop VANS JACKS along Ogden Av. He was very generous and forgiving with us young guys, who were not very well organized in these times. We did interviews with him and showed the shop - with a special interest in his self-constructed and very beautiful advertising sign on top of his building. He was very proud about it, and it was truly one of the best typography we discovered during this 6-week trip. Next day we met again, typically students - coming late. He was very relaxed: " free, like birds". A very generous man - in the evening we were invited at his house, with his lovely family...
Thank you Louis, for your wisdom, for your time, I often think about these two days
at your shop, in company with you - that was happening in the beginning 90┬┤s...

With deep respect

Thomas Repp
Author of doc-film ROUTE 66-REVISITED!
Apr 06, 2014 · Reply