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Jessica Davidson i remember when we was little kids we would go to grandma's house for christmas eve.she would be so happy to see us all.she would be singin christmas song's and fighting with everyone saying my grandpa was there when he was not he already passed away and she had brain surgery and lost her memory.this women had a big heart and she never turned her back on her family no matter what they did.she would go to church and sometime we would stay for dinner if my mom did not have to [external link] mom would pick my grandma up and bring her to our house and birthday party's.she was a very sweet grandma and she would give the clothes off her back if you needed them that is how she was..she would watch soap's and it was funny becuz she loved the soap's and if you came over you had to quite so she could hear them it was funny. i love her so much i remember i broke my leg when i was little and i had to be in the hospital i can remeber her sing and i could hear her coming from her song's..i also remember she would make the best homemade noodles in the world you kno alot of ppl forget the loved one who leave but i will not forget her.i will tell my childern about her i look and my daugther today and i can see alot of my grandma in [external link] grandpa i dont remember much about him becuz i was five or six when he died and its sad but i learn more about him everyday i love both of them so much and in the few years that she died i will always carry her into my heart and she is with me no matter where i go i will not forget her ever
Jan 22, 2008 · Reply