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Vakos Surname History

According to a member of the Vakos family in Greece, the surname Vakos evolved from the surname Bakos which originated in Greece.  Bakos was the root of many surnames, not just the surname Vakos - Bakoiannis, Bakatselos, and Bakodimos are some of these names.  The word "bakos" imeans, essentially, "big belly." This meaning is not pure Greek, though, and may be of Slavic roots. If you have more information about the Vakos family, please add it to this page. To learn more about the family, read more on this page.

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Vakos Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

According to George Vakos of Thessaloniki Greece,  the surname Vakos derives from the original Bakos,  until it was changed on purpose 100 years ago in south Macedonia' s town Strumnitsa, near the today' s Greek northern borders.There are several last names in Greece having Bakos as their fist component (Bakoiannis, Bakatselos, Bakodimos etc). There are Vakoses in many towns all over Greece. Bakoses as well. The Vakos family is Greek.

Vakos Meaning & Etymology

According to George Vakos from Thessaloniki, Greece. the meaning of the name "Bakos" (from which "Vakos" evolved) means "someone with an excessive belly". This meaning is not pure Greek, though, and it may have Slavic roots..

Vakos Life Expectancy

According to our database of 28 people with the last name Vakos that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Most Common Vakos First Names

According to our database of 36 people with the last name Vakos that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Edward 8.3%
  • Peter 8.3%
  • Mary 5.6%
  • Harry 5.6%
  • Mark 5.6%
  • Lois 2.8%
  • Cecilia 2.8%
  • Harold 2.8%
  • Angelo 2.8%
  • Milton 2.8%
  • Theodor 2.8%
  • Aristi 2.8%
  • Vasilios 2.8%
  • Christine 2.8%
  • Charles 2.8%
  • Lewis 2.8%
  • Cleo 2.8%
  • Mildred 2.8%
  • Steve 2.8%
  • Paul 2.8%
  • Bessie 2.8%
  • Ellamae 2.8%
  • William 2.8%
  • Frances 2.8%
  • Pota 2.8%
  • John 2.8%
  • David 2.8%
  • Augustus 2.8%
  • Klem 2.8%

Vakos Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

The surname "Vakos" is derived from the surname "Bakos." "Bakos" has evolved into, as well, Bakoiannis, Bakatselos, and Bakodimos.  So Vakos is related to Bakos, Bakoiannis, Bakatselos,  Bakodimos, Bakopoulos etc. Vakos evolved from Bakos on purpose, because it renders the contemporary Greek pronunciation. The second letter in the latin alphabet  "b" is β in the greek alphabet and its pronunciation is "v". B is written μπ in new greek. Consequently Vakos' s spelling in greek  is: Βακος and it is pronounced  Vakos. This is the case in contemporary (new) greek. It is  probable though, that ancient Greeks pronounced [B] like in latin alphabet (at least in some ancient greek dialects). Not to forget that latin alphabet derived from greek alphabet in about 800-600 BC, at the italian peninsula by the greek colonies. Furthermore, "-os" is the characteristic masculine suffix in the Greek language and the corresponding latin is "-us". Therefore we also have the surnames: Bakus, Bacus, Backus, Bakosh, Bakas etc. in the States and Europe as well, mainly in Czech Republic and Hungary. Note: Vakos is irrelevant to Vakchos, the god of wine in ancient greek mythology.    

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