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  • John 3.6%
  • George 2.4%
  • Charles 2.3%
  • Mary 2.3%
  • Robert 1.8%
  • Albert 1.7%
  • William 1.7%
  • James 1.7%
  • Richard 1.4%
  • Joseph 1.2%
  • Harold 1.1%
  • Ethel 1.1%
  • David 1.1%
  • Frances 0.9%
  • Harry 0.9%
  • Anna 0.8%
  • Kenneth 0.8%
  • Jean 0.8%
  • Helen 0.8%
  • Ruth 0.8%

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Norma Rogers Well I must say that he certainly never was a "Bum," but to a little girl he certainly looked like one!
I really don't know how old I was but I had to be between 5 and 8 yrs old. I was born in 1934 so you can do the arithmetic. I was playing out in our yard with my brothers and as I came around the corner of the house, I looked across our yard and saw this very raggedy,taggedy man with lots of whiskers and I remember he didn't look very clean. I let out a scream and ran for the door of our house. As I did this, I was yelling, "Mom, there's a bum in our yard!" Mother came to the door, pulled me and my brothers in the house and started to lock the door. Then she stopped, opened the door real fast and ran out and hugged him and I heard her say, " My, God, Charles! Where did you come from did you get here?" He said well, first of all, I hitch-hiked, and I am awfully thirsty." She then turned to us children, who were standing there with our mouths open and wondering just who this man was and said, " Children, this is your Uncle Charles. He is your Daddy's uncle." His name was Charles Christian Bausch. He was my grandmothers, brother that mom and dad hadn't seen for a very long time. Well that made him my Great Uncle and I can remember that he was exactly that. I finally let him pick me up and he was real good at bouncing you up and down on his knee. I have posted his pictures here on the Ancient Faces site, and you can see he was something to be proud of and I am. Norma (Van Est) Rogers
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply