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Most Common First Names

  • Anna 12.0%
  • Joseph 12.0%
  • Jack 8.0%
  • Lillian 4.0%
  • Magdalen 4.0%
  • Frances 4.0%
  • Vincent 4.0%
  • Francis 4.0%
  • Russell 4.0%
  • Aleta 4.0%
  • Marie 4.0%
  • Clara 4.0%
  • Dominic 4.0%
  • Mary 4.0%
  • Janet 4.0%
  • Kathleen 4.0%
  • Anthony 4.0%
  • Frank 4.0%
  • John 4.0%
  • Lee 4.0%

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Joann Willard Anna (Bosco) Vertuno was born February 12, 1896 to immigrant parents from Italy, who had come to the United States to make a better life for their children and themselves.

She met Joseph Vertuno and they were married in August of 1913 and shortly after they had their first child, Frances Michael, on Christmas that year. They followed with a daughter, Marie Therese, then another son Vincent Joseph and finally a son Leonard Joseph. Joe and Anna had a tailor shop located in Melrose Park on Lake Street just west of 15th avenue.
Things were going well until Joe had a heart attack. He died and Anna had to go to work to provide for her child. She worked for the Juvenile Home in Chicago, and eventually went to work in the recorders office. She was involved with local issues in Melrose Park and she was a strong part of starting the Melrose Park Senior Citizens Orgainztions. She was involved also with Mount Carmel Church, Sacred Heart Church, and many other orgainzations. She managed to have a very full life. Until she passed away in 1985.
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