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Viellard Surname History

According to one branch of the Viellard family, the family's origins are in France. The surname Viellard literally means "strong willed" and has evolved into the surname Willard.  The family is now mostly found, known as Willard, in the United Kingdom. If you have more information about the Viellard family, please add it to this page.

Viellard Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Tracing the ancestory, the Viellard family in 1066 was in Caen France. It is believed that the origins of the Viellards is in France. It is Believed to be of French origin and a check of the family crest shows the Barons were of the Royal French Court. There does not seem to any trace after the French revolution except in East Sussex England and other branches which emigrated to the USA

Viellard Meaning & Etymology

A literal translation of the surname Viellard is the "strong willed" or "hard willed".

Viellard Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Willard is now the common spelling of the Viellard surname in English. The surname Viellard became Willard mainly due to illiteracy as the two names sound similar when spoken.

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Famous People named Viellard

  • In 1066 The Baron Viellard joined William the Conqueror on the invasion of England, He was rewarded with estates known today as Eastbourne East Sussex. There are records of him being at Rye East Sussex and the area around Hastings and Bexhill has many family members. The surname was written after that time as Willard as that is how it was pronounced. There are numerous Coats of Arms granted in England all depicting the Family Crest which is a debodied Griffin Head on top of the Armour head and the shield always has three flaggons of wine on the shield as well as pike heads (spear heads). The shield is usually flanked with oak leaves and under the shield is the family motto in ancient French "Gaudet Pattentia Duris" which I understand to translate as "Patience Endures Hardship" or "Through Hardship We Endure"

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