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Taken at My parents Home, Security, El Paso County, CO on .
This was actually our 1 yr anniversary we renewed our vows by the church in... more
· Posted by Yvonne Vigil on Feb 15
A photo of Moses Wagoner
People in this photo:
· Posted by Brenda Wagner on May 23, 2015
Taken in OH USA.
George Wagoner (1790-1873)
· Posted by Ivy Olah on Aug 19, 2008
Taken at Photographer, Red Cloud, NE in .
Homesteaded south of town, later had another son, Laban. Homestead and house... more
· Posted by Linda Lygrisse on Mar 3, 2003
Taken at Noble Wagoner, Franklin, IN in .
Baby photo of Noble Wagoner. Taken by Thompson of Franklin, Indiana. I... more
People in this photo:
· Posted by Kathy Sidenstricker on Jun 9, 2002
Ira Bllickenstaff'Pop' Wagoner in ministerial robe
· Posted by Linda Lygrisse on Mar 18, 2002