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Madeleine Watt James Watt was an only child that grew up in Scotland with a great love of science and mathematics. Once when he was a child he demonstrated an early interest in steam as he designed and experiment to form condensation from steam with objects found around his family kitchen. As an adult he became a brilliant inventor first by turning incredibly unreliable and inefficient steam pump to pump water out of a mine into machine that was worth owning. He gained fame as he applied his improved steam engine design to many machines effectively kick starting the industrial revolution in Europe. He further improved upon his design by patenting an engine so efficient it could push a piston twice as fast by using the properties of a vacuum within the steam engine chamber. This allowed the railways of the day to transport people and goods twice as fast with the same amount of energy. His steam engines were so much more effective then what was invented before him (and little used) that many people today believe that he invented the steam engine completely. A victim of his own success, he unfortunately spent much of his wealth from his inventions pursuing people who stole his patents in court. He was much honored however by a fellow inventor whom he had never met as Tomas Edison, the inverter of the light bulb named his measurement of electricity a Watt for James Watt’s contribution to the industrial revolution. According to my family we are direct descendent's which is why to this day, we honor him by naming the first born son of every generation James.
Mar 29, 2008 · Reply
Kathleen Panek There is a legend in my family that one of our ancestors, George Watt, was the brother of James Watt, the developer of the steam engine. George and his family reportedly lived in County Down, Ireland near Belfast, but one of George's daughters lived in the home of the famous James Watt in Scotland. In 1827, when George's family decided to emigrate to the US, they contacted the daughter in Scotland. She met them at the wharf and came with the rest of the family, landing in Charleston, SC. Ten years or so later, they moved to Lynville, or Buckskin, IN. This is a great story, but when I looked up a biography of James Watt, it stated that none of his siblings survived childhood. My great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Dodds Watt McCullough, of Oakland City, Indiana, was the granddaughter of George Watt, and I'd like to find out if she was indeed related to the famous James Watt. Can anyone help me out?
Oct 13, 2009 · Reply