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Most Common First Names

  • Daniel 5.5%
  • Raymond 3.1%
  • Charles 3.1%
  • William 3.1%
  • Isaac 2.3%
  • David 2.3%
  • Edith 2.3%
  • Joseph 2.3%
  • Ruth 2.3%
  • Alice 2.3%
  • Melvin 1.6%
  • Walter 1.6%
  • Robert 1.6%
  • Kenneth 1.6%
  • Arthur 1.6%
  • Nicole 1.6%
  • Denise 1.6%
  • Frederick 1.6%
  • Thomas 1.6%
  • Newton 1.6%

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Name Origin

Nationality & Ethnicity

Early Whispells

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Whispell Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 81 people with the last name Whispell that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy

69.1 years

Oldest Whispells

These are the longest-lived members of the Whispell family on AncientFaces.

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Heather Petrikonis First lets start with my father who was one of 12 children his parents were Edna Ethel Derhammer Whispell and Joseph Jacob Whispell married on July 16, 1936. My grandfather's parents were Levi Whispell and Dora Spencer Whispell. They had the following children: Isaac (Ike) Whispell, Mildred Whispell Shook, Charles Whispell, Henrietta Whispell Shook, Joseph J. Whispell (my grandfather). Levi's Parents were Isaac and Catherne Wentworth Whispell thier children were: July A. Whispell b: Abt. 1864 in ny, Edward Whispell b: Abt. 1866 in ny, Levi Whispell b: 1872 in ny(My great grandfather), Charles Whispell b: Abt. 1879 in pa Wyo. Co., And Joseph J. Whispell born in ny but married in Va. before the family moved to pa.Isaac's parents were Johannes (Jonas)and Margaret Ann Lane Whispell. Thier children were: Abraham b: Jan. 10, 1825 in Woodstock, NY, Conrad B:1827 in woodstock, ny, Joseph Baptized on April 5, 1831, David baptized on April 5, 1832, Isaac b: 1835(my GG grandfather), Peter H. B: Jan. 14, 1836 in woodstock NY, Mary b: 1838, Isaac (Isiah)baptized in 1844 in bearsville Ny. And last but not least Johannes (Jonas)'s parents were Conrad and Maritje Winne Whispell and the only children I have for them so far is My ggg grandfather Johannes.
I hope this information can help someone else out I have a picture of my gg grandfather levi Whispell that I am trying to get scanned so that I am able to share that also with everyone. If you have any questions please contact me at [contact link] and if you have any other information that I don't have here. Thanks agian
Heather Whispell Petrikonis
Sep 17, 2005 · Reply