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Most Common First Names

  • Charles 5.3%
  • Robert 3.8%
  • John 2.3%
  • Kenneth 2.3%
  • William 2.3%
  • Paul 2.3%
  • Jacob 1.5%
  • Millard 1.5%
  • Wendell 1.5%
  • Fried 1.5%
  • George 1.5%
  • Nicholas 1.5%
  • Eleanor 1.5%
  • Frances 1.5%
  • Louis 1.5%
  • Frederick 1.5%
  • Dorothy 1.5%
  • Merle 1.5%
  • Kathryn 1.5%
  • Mildred 1.5%

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Margaret Cass My name is Margaret Wolfanger Cass; I was the daughter of Willis Wolfanger and Ethel Harrier from Pa. My parents seperated when I was little and my sister Anna Rose and I were placed in the Harrison Valley,Pa. Childrens Home.
It was a very nice home. Norman Vincent Peal's father and step mother run it, so all of us had a very good christian upbringing. I got to see my father often but when I got to be a teen ager I got a foster home,(Stanley and Edna Scott) in Ulysses,Pa.
Then I got married, devoriced; I have one daughter who lives in Flordia,named Peggy Sue Baker.
I have two grandchildren Earl Michael and Tristan Matot . Mike lives in Flordia and Tristan lives in Mexico.
I have 5 great grand children.
I became intrested in Genealogy when I seen the movie Roots and begin to wonder about my family roots. Now it is one of the passionate things in my life.
I share my home with my dog honeygirl.
Mar 07, 2010 · Reply