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Most Common First Names

  • John 3.0%
  • William 2.7%
  • Robert 2.2%
  • Mary 2.2%
  • Charles 2.0%
  • James 1.6%
  • George 1.2%
  • Edward 1.1%
  • Dorothy 1.1%
  • Richard 1.0%
  • Margaret 0.9%
  • Helen 0.9%
  • Ruth 0.8%
  • Florence 0.8%
  • Harold 0.8%
  • Donald 0.8%
  • Elizabeth 0.8%
  • Frank 0.7%
  • Walter 0.7%
  • Albert 0.7%

Wyckoff Last Name History & Origin


Name Origin

Nationality & Ethnicity

Early Wyckoffs

These are the earliest records we have of the Wyckoff family.

Wyckoff Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 2,591 people with the last name Wyckoff that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy

72.6 years

Oldest Wyckoffs

These are the longest-lived members of the Wyckoff family on AncientFaces.

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MiltonWilliam Wykoff New book. Search Wykoff Wyckoff (author and subject) at [external link]
Aug 05, 2014 · Reply
Michelle Wyckoff Who knows the history of the Kansas to California Wyckoff's ?
Mar 23, 2015 · Reply
MiltonWilliam Wykoff Regarding your query about California Wyckoffs from Kansas, you should be able to search for them if you have some actual first names, by checking the convenient index on the CD version of The Wyckoff Family in America which is available at the website: [external link]
Mar 24, 2015 · Reply
Michelle Wyckoff Pieter Clausen Wyckoff came and settled in the first European Colony on Long Island, New York 1635
Mar 23, 2015 · Reply
MiltonWilliam Wykoff Pieter Claessen arrived at Rennselaerswyck in 1637. The complete log of the ship is available online.

Log of the Rensselaerswyck (1636-1637) - Cliff Lamere 
[external link]

Log of the Ship Rensselaerswyck on its Voyage from Amsterdam to New Netherland, September 25, 1636 - April 7, 1637 ...

[external link]~clifflamere/Misc/MI-LogRenWyck.htm

Pieter Claessen did not move to Long Island until after his marriage in Beverswyck. See:
"The Rise of Pieter Claessen Wyckoff: Social Mobility on the Colonial Frontier" by Morton Wagman. A brief 24 pp. biography of PC after his arrival in America. Reprint available from the online shop at the Wyckoff Museum website.
Mar 24, 2015 · Reply