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Most Common First Names

  • Robert 12.3%
  • William 8.8%
  • Andrew 5.3%
  • Charles 5.3%
  • Richard 5.3%
  • Carrol 3.5%
  • Edwin 3.5%
  • Gail 3.5%
  • Mary 3.5%
  • Ella 1.8%
  • Hazel 1.8%
  • Catharina 1.8%
  • Henrick 1.8%
  • Mozelle 1.8%
  • Louis 1.8%
  • David 1.8%
  • Willie 1.8%
  • Ellen 1.8%
  • Henry 1.8%
  • Hellen 1.8%

Zerban Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 38 people with the last name Zerban that have a birth and death date listed:

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Kristi Zerban David, gene, and Kristi, Kay zerban: I married David this past year he has told me as a young boy he became a foster child. he never knew his mom. I'm looking for his siblings I just found his mom and the new she has passed away he needs family, please email me I believe he has five or six brothers and our sister he says one lives or lived with grandma Linda I believe please I have been searching for a long time I believe mom has passed in Katy Texas know her name was Bessie and I know that David was born around Chester Illinois I believe there is a Brent a hi Ann
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