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Most Common First Names

  • Maria 6.5%
  • Jose 3.6%
  • Juan 2.3%
  • Daniel 1.9%
  • Francisco 1.4%
  • J 1.1%
  • Cynthia 1.1%
  • Mary 1.1%
  • Joe 0.9%
  • Antonio 0.9%
  • Arturo 0.9%
  • Luis 0.9%
  • Raul 0.8%
  • Jorge 0.8%
  • Miguel 0.8%
  • Dolores 0.8%
  • David 0.8%
  • Roy 0.8%
  • Salvador 0.8%
  • Ana 0.6%

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Frederic Zermeno Refried Beans

Beans have been a big part of the Zermeno family for years. Our Grandparents made them, our parents made them and now we make them. Dozens of ways to make beans. Our favorite is called Frijoles Fritos, Refried Beans, (light oil & salt). Use natural spices for healthy living.

Prepare regular pinto beans by boiling them for about two hours. Some beans may vary, make sure the beans are soft before going to the next step. Some beans may take longer to soften. Use a large soup pan, use about 8 cups of beans. Clean the beans first by getting the bad beans and rocks out and then rinse them.

In a seperate pan, heat up Mazola oil, about 1 cup per 8 cups of beans. Make sure the oil is very hot. Place beans in oil, add natural spices to the beans, small amounts of salt. Crush beans, continue the flames on high. Begin to stir beans repeatedly until the water and oils have evaporated from the beans. This should take about 1/2 hour. Lower the heat. The more you stir, the better the beans.

Now you should have some of the best tasting beans in the neighborhood. Make Papa tacos with beans. Papa & beef enchiladas with beans. Melted cheese and beans is a good source of protien and kids love it. Corn tortilla, cheese and bean tacos.

Next I will share with you our great tasting crispy papa tacos. Yum Yum.
Jan 18, 2006 · Reply
M D I just want to find Zermeno relatives. I'm in So. Calif.

My Grandfather, Joseph, came from Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Moved to So. Calif. Was a migrant farmworker who with his family worked the crops up and down California. Settled in Monrovia. Raised 10 successful children, and numerous professional grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Hello cousins!
Jul 10, 2007 · Reply