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Your Aunt Christine and other sons of the Lavallee brothers frequently e-mail one another. I just adored your grandfather. He was super smart in so many areas. You and your brother are the only...
This is a photo of my great great grandparents on my mother's side.
This is a photo of my great grandmother on my mother's side.
This is a photo of my great grandfather on my mother's side.
Lavallee Boys, 1940 Dec 11, 2013
This photo was taken on Charbonneau Terrace in Willimansett, MA
My father was the one on the far right, Arthur Lavallee
The Lavallee brothers and their sister, Gertrude. Taken in Willimansett, MA in the late 1920s or early 1930s.
In this photo from the left: Arthur, their mother Anastasia Schneider Lavallee, Edward, Gertrude, Eugene, their father Henry, and William. Back row: Grace, Veronica and Nellie
Henry Lavallee Family Aug 23, 2013
I had never seen a photo of my grandfather before and was astounded to see my 5 year old father and his family. Thanks to my cousin, Donald Lavallee.
Thanks cousin Don for this great photo of our grandmother.
Grace Lavallee Aug 23, 2013
Check out the other old photos taken of the Lavallee family.
She was known as Memere to her grandchildren. She was famous for her apple pies and her cretons de Quebec and graise de roti. She never left the house with the exception of her yearly visit to...
Antoinette married into my Laperle family.