Alfonso Arrest

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Alfonso Arrest
Another newspaper headline of the crimes Clyde and Brother Frank Alfonso
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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Clyde Alfonso
Clyde Henry Alfonso of Green Cove Springs, Clay County, FL was born on March 4, 1929 in Green Cove Spring to Susie Ethel (Boyette) Williams. Clyde Alfonso had siblings Frank B Alfonso Sr and Eugene Vivian Alfonso Sr. He married Malissie Mae (Darley) Alfonso in 1954 in Manatee County, Florida USA and they later divorced. They had children Dale Edwin Alfonso and Randall Lee Alfonso. He was the parent of Dale Edwin Alfonso. Clyde Alfonso died at age 70 years old on November 7, 1999 in Green cove springs, FL.
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Cayla Alfonso
Parents are Benjamin Franklin Alfonso Jr amd Cindy Joan Rhodes Alfonso. I have a younger sister named, Meranda Kerin Alfonso. Born and raised in Manatee County Florida. I have 2 daughters and im engaged to my fiance of 15 years.
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