Calvin Cullen/ Walter Lee Cullen

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Calvin Cullen/ Walter Lee Cullen
The first photo is my late uncle Calvin Leon Cullen whom was killed in 1995
The second picture is of my late uncle Walter Lee Cullins whom passed in 1991 and my father Jesse Lee Cullins
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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Calvin Leon Cullen
Calvin Leon Cullen of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama United States was born on April 22, 1965 to William Cooper Cullins and Minnie Lee (Craig) Cullen. He had siblings Jesse Lee Cullins, Johnnie Mae (Craig) Quates, Willie Mae (Craig) Dansby, Louise (Craig) Gaines, William Cullins, Walter Lee Cullins, Mary (Cullen) Windham, Martha Cullen, Ella (Cullen) Colston, Ruthea Renae (Cullen) Dumas, Ernest Cullen, Camelia Cullen Allen, Richard Cullen, Clinton Cullen, and Victor Cullen. He was the father of Tia Sutton and Calvin Pickett. Calvin Cullen died at age 30 years old on November 10, 1995 in Birmingham, and was buried on November 18, 1995 at Shadowlawn Cemetery 1600 12th street sw, in Birmingham.
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