Grave William N. Billy Winters/Elizabeth Shell

Grave site of William N.(Billy Winters) and Wife Elizabeth Shell.Located at Morgan Branch Freewill Baptist church Cemetery in Shell Creek Tn.
Listed on the back of grave marker are their children.1)Martin 2)Daniel 3)John 4)William 5)Albert 6)Nathaniel 7)Carrick 8)Malinda 9)Sarah 10)Mary 11)Charlotte 12)Martha 13)Jane 14)Eliza-----------Seven sons
rumored to be the Seven Devils of North Carolina.(Town of Seven Devils) More info can be found at: [external link]
Date & Place: at Billy Winters/Elizabeth Shell, in Shell Creek, Carter County, Tennessee United States
1820 - Unknown
1817 - Unknown

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Ken Bass
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Donna Sweeney
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Donna Sweeney
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I am a descendant of Sarah Ellen Winters. I tried to enlarge the photo to see it better but it did not work. Can somebody please email me this photo? I would really appreciate it! THANKS
Donna Sweeney [contact link]
Nov 17, 2003 · Reply
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A copy of this photo was emailed to Donna. Some photos are large or of high resolution, so please give them a bit of time to download. Kathy
Nov 17, 2003 · Reply
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