Jasna Karajčić-Ryan

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Jasna Karajčić-Ryan
A photo of Jasna Karajčić-Ryan
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Jasna Karajčić-Ryan
Jasna is a lovely woman, when she laughs everyone laughs. She is hot headed and had a temper. She is very loyal and loving. A wonderful mother who protects her children. There's no doubt that she would fight and fight and fight until she got what she needed. She lived through the war in ex Yugoslavia. After 2 years in the war she managed to escape to Switzerland where she gave birth to her 1st child Tea Karajcic. She lived in a refugee camp in Switzerland for a while and then made her way to Sydney, Australia by plane. She came with a suit case packed with a jumper photographs and baby necessities.. With the money she had collected she bought a plane ticket to Perth where her brother had escaped to. And from there built her life again. When tea was 6 years old she met Jonathan James Ryan. Who she later wedded and had a child with Daniel Noel Ryan. When tea was 14 she was hit by a car and Jasna had to look after her,. When Tea was able to function a bit better, jasnas husband Jon developed brain cancer and died 2 years later. When he passed Jasna was diagnose with M. S and a brain tumor behind her left EYE. Jasna still lives and fights for her children and family.
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