John Simmons

Updated Dec 30, 2021
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The man on the left, in the photo, is John Simmons, abt 20 years old. Born Jan 4, 1861, in Roanoke, Virginia and died Sept.9, 1937, in Bristow, Okla. It is not known when John left Virginia and went to Copiah county Missippi. He married Emma E Ashley, Dec. 24, 1882, in Copiah county. daughter of Sylvester Ashley and Milley Ann Farmer. He married second, Clemmie Jones in 1890, in Roby, Texas.
Children of John and Emma: Henry Reed, born Feb. 4, 1884 - Millie Ann born Dec. 12,1885 - George Washington born Feb. 22, 1888 - Fannie born June 12, 1889.
Children of John and Clemmie: Ervin Lee born 1891 - Johnnie born March 13, 1896 - Dewey born 1898 - Mary May born June 30, 1900 - Sylvia Mable born Sept 18, 1902.
John was the son of Jesse Simmons Jr. born abt. 1840, in Virginia and died Oct 20, 1864, at Lookout Point Maryland, Union Concentration Camp. He was a private, Company D, Fifth Regiment, Virginia Calvary. Captured May 11, 1864 in Hanover County. Mother unknown.
The boy on the right, in the photo, is unknown. I have been told he was a cousin. I think probably on John's mothers side. I am in hopes someone can identify him. It might be a clue to who his mother was.
Thanks to Ancient Faces for this opportunity.
Date & Place: in Roanoke, Virginia USA

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