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Veteran Employees of Sears Store Hear Report on Profit-Sharing Pictured above are employees of Sears. Roebuck and Co.. Wilkes-Barre. who have been employed 10 years or more, shown with Samuel Apfelbaura, store manager. The occasion was the annual dis¬ tribution of profit-sharing statements, which show the extent to which each member is sharing in the company's 1950 profits. Front row: Merlyn Thacher, Frank Dreistadt, Francis Gavin, Mary Navikas. Harriet Fisher. Irene Jones. Middle row: Stanley Bittenbender. Horace Shiffer, Howard Spray. Frank Uzdella, John Hrehach, Johanna Nichols, Loretta Barry, Samuel Apfelbaum, general manager. Top row: Lawrence Carr, James Edward,s, Joseph Zoransky, James O'Hara, Joseph Stone, Frederick Rickert, assistant manager, and Cyril McHalc
at Sears, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, PA


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