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Stevie Parker
stevie parker was a wonderful friend to so many and he was my best friend and my brother and a son to my parents martha and jackie parker and my brother wouldve gave anyone the shirt off his back he was a father of three beautiful children jessica,kelly,christopher parker and his wife freida harrell and she had took off to go see one of my brothers friends willy and my brother ask me to take him up there to dahlonega,ga to look for his wife and i told him no that he needed to just let her go and not worry with her cause she was gonna do what she wanted to do and yes he loved her so much they had been togeather since he was 14 and she was 15 and had three kids and he couldnt keep her home like a wife shouldve been and he got off work the day of february 18,2002 and he went to dahlonega,ga looking for her and he went to this person willys nannies house and then the police was called by his wife saying my brother had gun and just bullshit to cover the dumb police that came out well there was two ppl in the woods watching and my brothers gun was dropped on the ground and my brother had his hands on his head saying please dont shoot me ive got three kids at home that ive got to care for and well there was two lumpkin county officers there and one of the officers was a idiot and his gun shot at ground and the other officer just shot my brother stevie parker and left him lying on ground for ten minutes alive no ambulance called hurse and still to this day that murdering officer is still free as if he did nothing wrong and he murdered my best friend,my brother,and my parents first son and my other brother scott parker lives in utah and he works all the time so im trying to find someone for years to help us with this but nobody will and i want it changed on his death certificate that he was murdered by a lumpkin county police officer,my brother did not committ suicide and i know this for a fact and the autopsy was lost his clothes was lost,police report and video was lost and me and my family has had it so bad since his death my parents paid lawyers and they found out info but come down to it and they was scamming my parents money and we lost our home that we had lived in since we was kids and still to this day they nobody will do nothing and its not right and if its so right for this officer to get away with murder than why should anyone else get into trouble for murder and the gun my brother had was dropped to the ground and my brothers hands was on his head like they was suppose to be and the gun my brother had was sold from his wife freida to a police officer on clarks bridge rd and the bullet that was shot into my brother was the police officers gun not my brothers and you cant shoot yourself in the chest and in the back and be no gun residue and why the death certificate says committed suicide just pisses me off because i know my brother would never do anything like that because he was a good father to my two nieces and nephew and he knew he had to take care of them because his wife had always been there until that little willy came around and never was a wife again like she shouldve been and i just wished that they would put the truth on his death certificate and not a lie because we all have suffered enough with this and its wrong to put committed suicide when the officer that shot my brother knows that he killed him and i want it changed to the correct event and the one that killed my brother i hope you have the most painful death anyone could ever have because you know deep down my brother didnt hurt anyone and wouldnt ever hurt anyone he had his wifes entire family living in his new home and he supported all of there a**** from him working his a** off and i hope that someone reads this that can help me get this changed on his death certificate because its not right and the lumpkin county police dept knows that its not its only right to make the officer confess to what he did to my brother and if not he will go to hell and he will have the worst death anyone has ever experienced.thank you to the ones that read this and try to help me get this fixed please and thank you. WE ALL LOVE YOU STEVIE PARKER LOVE U YOUR SISTER KIMBERLY PARKER BROTHER SCOTT PARKER,PARENTS MARTHA AND JACKIE PARKER,YOUR CHILDREN JESSICA,KELLY,CHRIS PARKER AND WIFE FREIDA OH GOD HOW WE ALL MISS YOU SO MUCH LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND HOPE THAT THE ONES WHO READS THIS DONT TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY BUT ITS ONLY RIGHT TO TELL THE TRUTH AND EVERYONE KNOWS HE WAS ONLY GOOD TO EVERYONE AND THE TRUTH IS HE WAS MURDERED HE DIDNT KILL HISSELF WITH THE POLICE GUN AND IT WAS THERE BULLET NOT HIS!!!!THANKS LOVE KIMBERLY PARKER
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