Nancy Carroll 001

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Nancy Carroll 001
A photo of Nancy Carroll (1903-1965) - stage and screen actress, singer and dancer was born 19 November 1903 in New York City as Ann Veronica Lahiff to parents Thomas Lahiff (1868-1943) and Ann F Barrett (1868-1951). She appeared in about 40 films and a number of television shows as well as performing in the theatre at the beginning of her career and off and on from 1940 to 1965.

She married playwright John Morfit Kirkland (1900-1969) in 1924. They had one daughter, actress Patricia Kirkland (1925-2000). She then married magazine editor Francis Bolton Mallory (1898-1958) in 1931. They divorced in 1935. She lastly married Dutch Indonesian businessman Charles Herman Groen (1913-) in 1953. She died of an aneurysm on 6 August 1965 in New York City aged 61 years.
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Ann Veronica Lahiff
Ann Veronica Lahiff was born in 1903 at New York City, and died at age 62 years old in 1965 at New York City. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Ann Veronica Lahiff.
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