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Noah Beery
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Noah Beery
Respected character actor of the silent and early sound period, specializing in cruel villains. The son of Kansas City policeman Noah Webster Beery and Frances Margaret Fitzgerald Beery, Noah Nicholas Beery and his younger brother Wallace Beery both left home in their teens, each seeking a career as a performer. Noah made his stage debut at the age of 16 and worked steadily in the theatre until his early 30s. Following his brother into films, he quickly established himself as a competent player and a familiar heavy in all sorts of films, particularly westerns. He never achieved the great fame of his younger brother, but succeeded in carving a memorable niche for himself in the history of film. His son Noah Beery Jr. became equally familiar as a character actor, though usually in more genial roles. Brother of Wallace Beery, father of Noah Beery Jr., grandfather of Bucklind Beery, uncle of Carol Ann Beery, and husband of silent film and stage actress Marguerite Lindsay. Played two different roles in the "Zorro" franchise: Sgt. Gonzales in Le signe de Zorro (1920) and central villain J.A. Marsden in the TV serial Le retour de Zorro (1937). He often played villains in his film roles. At the time of his death (in his brother Wallace Beery's arms), he had been vacationing and had been scheduled to appear that night on the radio show "Barnacle Bill" with Wallace and his niece, Carol Ann Beery. The show went on; another actor was brought on to play Noah's role. He died on Wallace's 61st birthday. Despite the use of "Jr." and "Sr." to distinguish father and son actors, neither Noah Beery (Noah Nicholas Beery) nor Noah Beery Jr. (Noah Lindsey Beery), nor their father and grandfather, respectively (policeman Noah Webster Beery), had the same middle name. "Beery Jr." (Noah Beery Jr. (Noah Lindsey Beery)) had an elder brother (Noah Lindsay Beery) who died when he was four days old (1/18-22/1912). Brother of Wallace Beery, despite reports that they were only half-brothers. US census reports indicate all three Beery brothers were born to Noah W. Beery and Marguerite Fitzgerald Beery.
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