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Born in Redfield New York in the United States, has two brothers and one sister, George, John, and Flossie. Mother and father are John and Mary Ellen Bowler, nee Kizer. Came from Canada to live in New York, and have many relatives living in the United States. I have been told that I have a cousin in the U.S. named Susan, who has a twin. My grandmother travelled with her son, Kenneth and his wife, Betty, to New York to visit her sister. I read this in a news paper online. My father is Norman James Bowler, a sibling. Other siblings are as follows, Kenneth, Marjorie, Joan, Bernice, and Shirley. Norman married Mable Grace Nichols, Kenneth married Betty Claus, Joan married Eugene Goodall, then Rick Stone, Marjorie married Joe White, Bernice married Clarence Davies, then Don Cayu, Shirley married William Hume, then Al Sweetman. They resided on Verdun Rd. and Park Rd. South in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Bowler family also in Hastings Ontario, Belleville Ontario and other areas like Peterborough, Ontario. My grandfather worked at Oshawa's General Motors of Canada, so did my uncles Ken and Robert. Marjorie worked as a presser in a dry cleaners, my aunt Joan worked for Bell Canada, Bernice in financial institution, Norman in T.G. Gales. Shirley was a stay at home mom. Aunt Bernice was the only one who worked out of town that I am aware of. In Toronto. I spent much time staying and visiting with all my Bowler family and have nothing but great memories of love and fun. My grandfather told me one day, after telling him how much I liked the sound of the train near the house, that he was going to take me on a train trip to Montreal, just him and me. He was not well at the time, but never showed it to me. Jim was a strong man of very high family and social morals and I respected him very much. I only became upset one breakfast morning of poached eggs on toast, as he scolded me for putting too much pepper on my eggs. He always read the Oshawa Times paper at the breakfast table while waiting for breakfast to be ready. Peeking playfully over the top of his newspaper at me, and changing the look of his eyes. This made me giggle respectfully. Hope other family that I am related to see this and connect with me. I know I have family from Texas, New York, California, and so on. Know this because we had a family reunion in Oshawa Ontario on Bloor Street many years ago, about the year 1973/74.

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James Rizon Bowler was born into the Bowler family.

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