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handan (Dynasty) word belonging with everybody, nobody can ignore its importance; But only matured and experience earned peoples like to reequip as well dreamed into Childhood's flashback moment. We are common peoples always spend time for so many mere importance and we never like to spend a minutes for our parent's scenario as well as Family Background; we not to study about ourselves or our KHANDAN (Dynasty). Most of common peoples are not aware about their actual Family Customs, LifeStyle, genetic issues etc. We have to aware about our Genealogy. The Greek words Genea means Family & Logos means Knowledge. Genealogy is the study of family lineages past and future. Usually this is done by collecting names of family members & relatives (both living and dead) and looking for a link/relationship between them, based on genealogical evidence and documents. The results of these investigations are then used to build Family Tree

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June 19, 2015 3:36 pm

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Khandan Info was born into the Info family.

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