Walter Fontin (1924 - 2009)

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Born January 20, 1924
Died July 29, 2009 at 85 years old.
Sources U.S. Social Security Death Index and 1 AncientFaces Member
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Compared to other Fontins
Walter lived 14 years longer than the average Fontin.

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Designed and built homes in Bergen County N.J. His designs were ahead of his time.


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Last Known Residence

Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida

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White -Ukrainian








Walter loved his family. His sister, his only child Laura Fontin Hadorn, his sister Nadia, her children and me. Sadly as he was getting frail his livein girlfriend strong armed him into marriage and signing a power of attorney. Vera and Lana , sister and niece, tried to find him but his new wife hid him from his family. He became ill and we could not find him. My mother was heart broken. Vera's sadness grew out of her great love for her brother, never to find him, never to hear his voice again. Christina did her job very well. She hid him well...and my mother suffered great pain. When we came across news of his death Vera's pain was so great that she died a few months later. What kind of person keeps a loving brother and sister apart. My mother did not want anything from her brother, just to be able to talk to him, to see him and have some contact. My mother died of a broken heart through the evil of this woman who wanted Walters material things, which no one in his family ever wanted. All we wanted was to have contact. She kept him from seeing his daughter and his grandchildren. She is a devout catholic. How can she justify her compassion less , heartless actions with her religious righteousness. She will have to explain herself before her God when the time comes.
Walter we all miss you, but you are always in our thoughts. I have lots of stories to tell about my lovable and eccentric uncle.

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Family History

Walter Fontin (1924 - 2009) was born on January 20, 1924. He was born into the Fontin family.

He died on July 29, 2009 at 85 years old.

Walter Fontin's last known residence is at Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida.

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Elle Moore Walter was not really a Fontin. He was a Vasilenko proud family with a long heritage. The name Fontin came from his maternal grandmother. She had some German heritage and her maiden name was Fontin. His grandfather was a Vasilenko. His mother Sonya was also a Vasilenko. I am not remembering the real name of his father. He went by Nicolai but it was not his given name.

He was a very bright child and the ultimate love of his mother Sonya. He had two sisters Vera and Nadia. He and Vera were close in age and also close as loving siblings.
Mar 01, 2013 · Reply
2 Records of Walter Fontin

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