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My beautiful, sweet grandmother. High School photo. I love looking at this photo. I see the smile she always had and her loving eyes. Her hair was always short, not like this, but short. She ALWAYS considered herself a lady. She didn't have the life she wanted. Apparently, sometime after she passed, I found out from a source that she wanted to be like a cousin of hers and be on stage. Instead, she fell for my Grandfather and married and had two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. When my Grandfather went off to WWII, there were love letters exchanged and I was able to sneak a few and read them...I think she knew, but never said anything. I could say so much more, but, it would probably take a whole book full. My husband and I were in Germany, when I received the news that she had cancer. I waited to long. I tried getting on a flight, but, by the time I got there to be with her, she passed. My mother said that she had been asking for me as she was passing. She passed in 1988. I love you Mamaw and will see your beautiful face again.
in Osawatomie, Miami County, KS


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