2nd Generation of Masters in America Masters family photo
Beverly Slater

2nd Generation of Masters in America

Only person know is woman seated center row and only as Grandmother Masters. Would love to put names with the faces and share any information.

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Men L-R,Jonathan Henry Masters,2&3 unknown,4 Jeremiah Maitland,5,6,7,8 unknown,9 Patrick Toohey,10 James I Masters,11 Jesse Masters,12&13 unknown,14 John C Masters,15 William Masters 3rd.

Women L-R,1 Jenney Best,2&3 unknown,4 Margaret Carnahan Maitland,5 or 9 could be Cora(married Jessie)6 Isabel Carnahan Masters,7 Annie B,8 Mary Elizabeth Remaley(married to James I)10 Elizabeth Kane Masters,11 unknown
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Photo taken at Westmoreland Sardis , Pennsylvania USA on