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Family Reunions

Family reunions are the perfect time to reunite with distant family members you haven't seen in a long while, and to meet distant cousins you might have never known existed. These photos document families celebrating their relationships and common ancestors through family reunions over the years. Read more >>

Sometimes, because of busy lives, adoptions, or the nomadic nature of people, families are separated - for a year, or a decade, or more. Or fights among siblings or generations divide a family. And sometimes we just forget to connect regularly.

Family reunions are a time-honored way to get together and celebrate our shared relationships. Whether it's traveling to the old homestead or home town or meeting in a new place, it's the coming together that counts. It's fun to relive old times, tell funny stories, catch up on what everyone has been doing, meet new family members, and look at faces that resemble our own. And family reunions are wonderful ways to help build your own family tree history. The stories, photos, and research of other members of your extended family can fill in your genealogical research or help you with a brick wall.

Reunions are always worth the effort and this story proves that:

Most people’s family reunions are like the ones my mom grew up attending, with not just cousins but second and third cousins, distant and close relatives. She recently shared a happy childhood memory of a family reunion that involved her favorite cousin and her dad. Apparently her cousin Julie had long beautiful hair, and my mom’s dad was bald. He had teased Julie for years about giving him some of her hair if she ever cut it. Well right before this particular family reunion, Julie cut her hair. She showed up to the reunion and gave my mom’s dad a ponytail she had saved, just for him, of her long red hair. Well later that night, after it got super dark and everyone was around the campfire roasting marshmallows, this man who no one recognized creeped into the campsite. He had long hippy-like hair and was just kind of standing there, not saying much. It took several minutes before everyone figured out it was my mom’s dad, wearing Julie’s hair. They laughed until they cried and simultaneously created a lifelong memory.

Family reunions are sometimes awkward and almost always inconvenient. They take time, effort, money and planning. As cliche as it sounds though, they are priceless and can’t be replaced with any amount of clocked hours at work. Make them happen and you’ll make the type of memories that give life meaning. - Jessica Harris, July 2013

Whatever the reason for our reunions, it's a joy to congregate with our own flesh and blood. The photos on these pages celebrate past reunions - and may reunite you with family that you didn't know you had! << Read less
A photo of the 1st reunion of the Pitstick family
A photo of Harry & Beatrice Crouch Family Reunion 1958, Springfield, Kentucky
Last Row Standing: Unknown Lady, Unknown Lady, Elizabeth Bush Autrey McGee, Wesley Bowen, Unknown Male, Unknown Male, Kate ?, Willie Belle Bowen McGee, (Young child being held is Thelma "Puddin" Christine McGee), Lucy McGee. Remaining people on last row unknown. 2nd Row: Luticia Jane Reedy McGee, Frank McGee, Pearl McGee, Newton McGee, Dink Barnett McGee, Claiborne McGee, Bert Warren, Nettie McGee Warren. Remaining two gentlemen on 2nd row unknown. 1st Row Sitting: John Newton McGee, Mac Bowen, Garland McGee, Unknown, Francis McGee, Francis McGee, Hazel Dean McGee, Evelyn McGee, Hugh McGee, Wilbur McGee, Unknown.
A photo of Mary Webb Currie at the Chadwick reunion in 1951.
People in this photo:
Mary Webb Currie
Born: 1840
Possible Pearson family reunion, between 1890-1900 near Rossburg Ohio: This is a copy of an old photo that I obtained from relatives in Darke Co., Ohio, Summer 2012. I am interested in identifying as many in the picture as I can. There are five individuals in this picture that I know for sure either from other positively identified pictures I have or other relatives telling me who they were. From the viewer's left to right consider the picture has four rows with all the children in the front, even if on a lap as row one. Row two are all the sitting adults. Row three are standing adults just behind the sitting. The fourth row starts with the white haired gentleman standing directly behind number two (heavy set women) in row three where you see from the nose up. The five I can identify are, my second great grandparents [ no 1 row four seen from nose up] Silas and [ no 8 or three to the right, (his), of the standing bearded man] Susannah (Coats) Pearson. Susannah's sister [ no six in the second row, sitting next to the bearded man - his right] Margaret "Peggy" (Coats) and her husband [ bearded sitting man second row] Rev David Stutsman Davenport. My great grandfather [ sitting two from D. S. Davenport next to the women in the loud striped blouse] David Stutsman Pearson. There are others that I suspect who they are but need proof. Please notify me if any others can be identified. I know the picture was taken before March of 1902 as that is when D. S. Davenport died. If I can identify the women in the striped blouse, I can narrow down the time of the picture within the decade of the 1890s. I think she may be Cora Tucker who happens to be my great grandfather's first wife and they were divorced by 1893. The picture was most likely taken near Rossburg Ohio on Silas and Susannah's farm. Another big mystery that I desire to solve is if you look close you'll notice that many of the individuals have some kind of badge or ribbon on their lapels or blouse/dress. What could this be? Can anyone recognize it?
People in this photo:
A family reunion in Ohio - with Laughbaums, Reids and Schumakers. Known in this photo: Dorothy Ellen Reid, Mercile Laughbaum, Aaron Harvey Laughbaum, Barbara Ellen Schumaker, Otterbein F Laughbaum, Kittie Frances (Fast) Laughbaum, Virgie (Laughbaum) Reid, Charles T. Reid, Elias Laughbaum, Weston Laughbaum, Ida Jane (Snider) Laughbaum, Henry Thurston Laughbaum, and Nancy Pfeiffer Laughbaum .
People in this photo:
Lee, Long & Short Reunion in Tennessee. Photo taken July 26, 1923. The names weren't offered by the submitter but then, there are a lot of people in this photo!! If your surname is Lee, Long, or Short and your family is from Tennessee, you should look for an ancestor in this photo!
A photo of the Gerland Family in Buffalo New York, I don't know who is all in this photo.
Deeds family reunion taken in front of J.A. Deeds store in Jumping Branch, West Virginia. Names of people not given by submitter.
A photo of Michael Pundyk
People in this photo:
Michael Pundyk
Jul 15, 1892 - June 1986
Los Angeles, CA
A photo of Kathleen (Ellerbe) Malota
People in this photo:
Kathleen (Ellerbe) Malota
around 1950 - Dec 13, 2015
A photo of the Trover family reunion, 1922 - Right side of Portrait.
A photo of the Trover family reunion, 1922. Picture too large to fit into one slide.
A photo of the Hackett family reunion, 1936 PA. The lady holding the baby in the fourth row is Esther (McQuiston) Hackett. The child is her son Gary. The gentleman to their immediate right would be Hansel "Jack", Gary's father.
People in this photo:
A photo of the Confer family gathering for JoAnn and L.E. "Bud" Confer, on his leave from the Navy in World War II.
People in this photo:
Leonard Earl Confer
Feb 22, 1922 - 2000
This is a picture of a reunion of the Matthias Mort reunion, held on July 27, 1980 in Three Springs, PA. I don't remember many of them, but Lucille Carberry of Baltimore, MD is the person in the front bending over the person in the chair and I am standing directly behind Lucille in the blue and white top.
A photo of the family reunion of William B Clinton
People in this photo:
William B Clinton
Mar 29, 1929 - Mar 24, 1999
Sumrall, MS
A photo of Gene Everett Morgan
People in this photo:
Gene Everett Morgan
Oct 20, 1937 - Sep 24, 2010
Rocklin, CA
A photo of grandma Amparo with her children & great grandchildren. 1936 family gathering in california
People in this photo:
Ventura Cuen Ruiz
1888 - 1966
Bakersfield, CA
A photo of the Neely Family reunion
A photo of Ida Elizabeth Pinkley & the Fanning clan - She is holding baby standing next to her husband Will H Pinkley holding my grandfather Earl R - 2nd row 2nd from right
People in this photo:
Andreas Fenrich and his daughter Elisabeth with their cousins from Hungary during their visit in Bingen. From left to right: Johann, Regina, Andreas, Elisabeth, Josef, Anna and Karl Fenrich. Photographed by Eugene Trutat, 1902.
People in this photo:
A photo of Albert Sidney Bratcher and Family. This was a Bratcher family get together.
People in this photo:
A photo of the David Daulton Martin Family Reunion 1910
I believe this photo was taken in Nova Scotia and even though the back of the photo says Card Family Reunion, there may be many of the Burgess clan there as well. I have no idea who any of these people are, except I know at least some of them are my Card ancestors. I'm hoping someone can ID some of these people. Thanks so much
1902 photo of a Scott family reunion held at what is now 3510 Burnham Road in the Town of Arkwright, Chautauqua County, NY.
David Grove family reunion in Fremont, Indiana
A photo of the Ross Campbell family reunion the photo was taken in 1926 at Junction city Kansas John Campbell is also in the photo setted by his brother Ross
People in this photo:
My Great grandmother, Mrs. Roderick R. Baker, Elizabeth (Betsey) Johns Baker. Back Row Left 4 daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Roderick R. Baker: Martha Baker Campbell, Spice Baker, Campbell Uncle Pearl Campbell, sally Baker Deaton, My great grandmother, Margaret “Aunt Pop: Baker Campbell, My great grandfather Rev. John W. Walker my grandmother Winnie Stacy Walker, Bethel Benton Holding Bobbie Gail Benton my grandfather John Walker III Middle Row Emma Gene Benton and Jackie Campbell Front row “Sonny Boy” only name my mother new him by. Son of June Campbell grandson of Martha Campbell, Helen Campbell Gypsy, wife of Wallace Campbell and daughter in law of aunt Martha Campbell, sister in law of Helen Campbell. Carole Ann Campbell daughter of J. and Louise Campbell seated inn center is Grandmother Elizabeth (Betsey) Baker widow of Dr. Roderick R. Baker first licensed doctor in Perry County Jo Anne Long in front o my mother is Loretta Benton, Louise Campbell wife of J “junior” Campbell and daughter in law of Spice and pearl Campbell, last is Gypsy Cornett Campbell’s Dr. RR Baker and his wife Betsey John Baker were charter members of the First Baptist Church in Hazard, located at Ha on Upper Broadway I Hazard, KY All located on 2nd creek in Hazard, Ky at the home of Rev John Walker also home of of John and Winnie (Stacy) Walker
People in this photo:
A photo of Emily Rhodes Lorraine at a family reunion
People in this photo:
Emily Rhodes Lorraine
Aug 6, 1925 - Jul 5, 2007
San Jose, California
A photo of the Yon Family Reunion, Grandin Mo.
People in this photo:
Photo taken ca 1940 at Cascades Park, Bloomington, Indiana (left to right) Grace (Cox) Wray, Roy Gardner, Alton Gardner, John Cox, Edna (Cox) Conder, Lillie (Tate) Cox, Cassell Conder, Molly (Tate) Gardner, "wife of Paul Edson", Paul Edson, Jesse Edson, Stella (May) Edson. 3 girls in foreground, Irene Edson, Marilyn Gardner and Betty Edson.
People in this photo:
In this photo: Miriam (Brown) Gates, Barbara Sue Gates, Daryl Gates, and Boyd Gates.
People in this photo:
Eichhorn Family Reunion - Galion, Ohio - August 1978
People in this photo:
Family Reunion at Mt. Vernon, VA - 1900's? Howard and/or Spiers family? I found it in my Grandmother Norris' papers.
Family Reunion - Klein Family - about 1927 My maternal Grandmother is in the bow in the front row - Miriam (Brown) Gates. Her Grandmother was Katherine E (Klein) Brown - she is the woman standing behind the man with the cane.
People in this photo:
Pratt family reunion, Rochester, New Hampshire circa 1880. In this photo: Alton Baily, Annie Baily, Sarah E. (Pratt) Grinnell, Fordyce Grinnell, Hannah Pratt, Charles E. Pratt, Sylvester Grinnell, Ethel V. Pratt, Jennie (Pratt) Baily, Joseph Howland Pratt, Joseph Grinnell, Martha Eunice (Hanson) Pratt, Georgia V. Pratt, and Helen Pratt.
People in this photo:
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