4 Generations of Clarissa Laine Holmes

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Our only photo of Aunt Ellen (left). Grandma Holmes, Ellen's daughter Dell & Grandaughter Ardene. Aunt Ellen was the oldest, born in Iowa. She was 4 when they came to California by Ox team. I didn't really know her. Her house seemed big to me. The well was on the porch. Ellen Holmes married John Hawk. They had Carl, Adelle, & Earl Hawk. She died March 1, 1920. All the Holmes liked to go camping. Once, at Cisco Grove, Grandma Holmes went up with Aunt Alma, Uncle Charlie, & Sheldon. I slept in the tent with Grandma & everyone else froze. They were on cots without enough blankets & the wind came up under them. Ardene was a bit older than me. She died last year.
in Placer County, California


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