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Old Family Homes

Homes in which generations lived and loved

Humanity's first homes may have been in trees, in caves, or even made from holes dug in the ground. But these homes have evolved from huts to elaborate structures that reflect the personality of the families who lived in them.

From sod houses to farms to plantation houses to mansions, our shared past is reflected in the homes shown on these pages. Is your family home shown here? << Read less

The Hiram Dickson Family Home, Dickson Valley, MO: This is the house built by Hiram Ray Dickson shortly after the Civil War. He and his wife, Temperance Bradshaw Dickson, finished raising their large family in this house and it remained in the family for generations after Hiram's death. He, both of his wives and some of the children are buried at the Dickson Family burial grounds on this property. Hiram died in 1898. This picture was taken after 1900.
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Himley Mansion, in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. It later became a nursing home, and presently The Old Oak Inn & Acorn Lounge in Soldiers Grove, WI. Taken from 1901 Crawford Co, WI Atlas.
The home of Thomas W Wheaton outside of Dexter, Chaves, New Mexico. Thomas was born in 1862 in Pomfret, Windham, Connecticut, the son of Angell Wheaton.
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A photo of La Verne Ekleberry standing in front of her house.
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The White family home at 539 South Weadock, Saginaw, Michigan. No longer there.
This is the farmhouse owned by Amos Woodward (born 11 Jan 1812 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont). The farm is in a lost community called Joy Prairie, near Concord, Illinois.
"Oct. 1902" handwritten on the back. 7 inches x 7 1/2 inches House with family on the porch.
Wheat House, Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama
Gen. Joe Wheeler Houses and Cabin, Wheeler Station, Lawrence County, Alabama
Lieselotte was only 8 when she was sadly killed at Sobibor extermination camp on July 23,1943
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Lieselotte Silberschütz
Feb 18, 1935 - Jul 23, 1943
Postcard c.1960s. Earliest part of cabin built in 1840s, but expanded with additions in the 1850s and 1860s. Structure added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.
Home of Charles Miller & Kate Short Grove reconstructed after original was destroyed in a tornado in 1893. Later became the home of John and Margaret Grove until ca. 1941. This original site was on 160 acres of land granted to William Y. Grove for his service in the Union Army during the Civil War.
Originally built at turn of 20th century by Daniel Hill of Union County, Tennessee. Relocated piece by piece by his son William Lee Hill in the mid-30s due to TVA mandate. Occupied by Hill family through 1940s when a new house was constructed on the same property by William Lee and son, Delis James Hill. The structure collapsed and was removed in 1993.
A photo of George and Josephine Thorward in front of the Thorward home on Central Ave (was called Campbell Ave when photo was taken in early 1900's) Caldwell NJ
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Snapshot found in a Texas antique store with other photos of the Ashenden family of Massachusetts. Written on the back "Wakefield Street in Mass"
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A badly damaged photo of a Swedish house found at an antique store in Belton, Texas along with other photos that once belonged to Fred Nelson's family. There is a message on the back in Swedish, but I can't make the handwriting well enough to try using translation software on it.
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Found in an antique store in Texas. Written on the back: "The Prause home north, northeast of Yoakum". This snapshot resembles some of my family's photos that were taken in the 1950s, so it may date from that era.
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Sarah (Tampke) Prause
Oct 30, 1868 - Jun 22, 1963
A photo of Fred Nelson and Family at their home in Alta Loma, Texas. Inscription on back "Martha, Fred & Earl at their home in the country at Alta Loma." Surnames were added later in red ink "Diederich, Nelson, Nelson". Date estimated from back of another photo which states family moved there in 1914. The house has a dirt yard. Animals visible include cats, turkeys, ducks and a horse.
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Martha Isabel (Diederich) Bahr
Dec 27, 1884 - Jul 3, 1960
A photo of the house where Dorothy Van Kleeck was born.
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Dorothy Emily (Van Kleeck) Smith
Oct 6, 1909 - Mar 31, 2010
Kingston, NY, United States
A photo of the house where Dorothy Van Kleeck was born
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Dorothy Emily (Van Kleeck) Smith
Oct 6, 1909 - Mar 31, 2010
Kingston, NY, United States
A photo of the Van Kleeck family home in Kingston, NY, circa 1930
People in this photo:
Abram Van Kleeck
Feb 22, 1871 - Jan 5, 1954
Abram Van Kleeck's family house.
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Bertha Barringer
Apr 16, 1874 - Apr 5, 1953
A photo of the big maple tree in front of the Smith family house. Most of the trees that originally grew in the front yard are long gone now.
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Dorothy Emily (Van Kleeck) Smith
Oct 6, 1909 - Mar 31, 2010
Kingston, NY, United States
A photo of the house where Earl Edward Smith and his family lived. This is a medical office now. Dorothy's brother Gordon originally built and lived in this house and he planted the two birch trees that stood on either side of the driveway. Gordon was told that he shouldn't have done that because birch trees don't live very long. These two outlived him and many other members of the family.
People in this photo:
Earl Edward Smith
May 1, 1900 - May 22, 1982
Kingston, NY, USA
A photo of Frances and George in Merriewold summer house circa 1950 Sullivan County New York
I saw this picture on eBay & it say's it came from an estate sale : the back says Noah"s old home Seymore, MO. Left to right : Lon Bolander-Noah Bolander-father-mother-sister. I am not kin to the family and did not purchase it.
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A photo of Florence Belle Breckenridge Webb McCall taken in front of her home in Oklahoma shared with her second husband Jos S McCall.
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Florence Belle (Breckenridge) Webb
Sep 5, 1872 - Jan 5, 1954
A photo of Gust and Edla Anderson's farm house in Rice Lake, Wisconsin
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A photo of Sabas Honore in front of his home in Calle Sol, Mayagüez
People in this photo:
Sabas Honore
Dec 5, 1872 - September 1953
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
This was found in suitcase in the attic of the Manchel home. It shows Marice ( Morris ) Cummings and wife Cora Belle Raseley sitting in front of their home - Cumming s home.
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A photo of the Manchel Home either Wisconsin or Washington. Found on postcard from "cousin " Anna Menchel to cousin G.V. Menchel ( Manchel ) late 1800's, early 1900's. The Menchal name was changed to various spellings after immigrating from Bohemia 1870s ,, G V Manchel owned furniture store in Spokane Wash. and Grants Pass Oregon. Note the water spigot on the front porch .
A photo of Wolf Meadows. The building was started in 1860, according to a medallion like ornament over the third floor balcony. The original owner, Colonel Lewis Tillman died in 1886, and in 1890 the farm was sold to Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Stewart of Alabama. Mr. Stewart passed away in 1902, and Mrs. Stewart, with the aid of her family, continued to operate the farm successfully until her death in 1946. A few years after her death the farm was purchased by Prentice Cooper. (Former Tennessee Governor and US Ambassador to Peru) In the article on page 90 of the 1969 Sesquicentennial Historical Edition published by the T-G it is stated "In 1886 when Lewis Tillman died, the house was left to his wife but was sold in 1890 to Daniel Stewart and was occupied by Grayson Stewart until recently. It still stands on the banks of Duck River with the inscription '1860' carved in tall letters over the upper balcony". Later the house was used as a home for mentally disabled youth. The home burned down in August of 1987.
A photo of the George W. Fegley Farm in South of Dalton, KS. Sadie Fegley DeVou and husband Harry DeVou in buggy. Alta, Carl, Gertrude, Erma, and Olga Fegley in other buggy. (Sadie married Harry after husband George passed away.) Note: what looks like a hill in background is actually a big pile of straw.
A photo of the Sheppard house in cobden?
Could be back of Della Sheppard's sisters house
A photo of the home of the Hogans Family, Dubois Wyoming 1930. This was the log home my mother and her sisters and parents lived in from about 1928 to 1936.
A photo of Cliffe and Lillian Hogans home from 1947 to 1950, in Eugene Oregon.
A photo of the childhood home of Mary Anne MacLeod Trump - mother of Donald Trump. Her father bought it in 1895 and raised 10 children in the home - of which Mary Anne was the youngest.
Photo of the one-room Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse where Nancy Lena Walker Dyer taught in the early 1930s.
People in this photo:
Nancy Lena (Walker) Dyer
Feb 12, 1904 - May 26, 1991
Knoxville, TN, United States
A photo of Bethia Anderson Cook Mckinlay's home.
A photo of the birthplace of Bridget Mary Lynch - 30 Jan 1873. Bridget Lynch was my grandmother on my father's side. Address is 3 Hillgrove Lane, Cork City, Ireland.
People in this photo:
Bridget Mary Lynch
Born: Jan 30, 1873
This is a picture of the Mort family homeplace.
A photo of Thomas Tuttle with his family in Kansas in c.1916 or 1917. He was born in 1869 in Laurel County, Kentucky. He was the son of Preston and Ann Tuttle. He married Elizabeth "Bettie" Turnbull in 1902. They lived in Sugarloaf Twp., Kansas in the 1910 census. Thomas sent this postcard to his brother, William "Billy" Tuttle in Ky (born in 1865 Ky and died in 1959 Michigan). Thomas wrote on the back of the postcard ''Well, Billy, this little house looks simple in construction but has lots of good qualities belonging to it. Thomas Tuttle From Kansas'. Thomas died in 1917 in Kansas but buried in Tuttle Cemetery in Laurel County, Kentucky.
People in this photo:
Thomas Tuttle
1869 - 1917
Originally built by Henry G Little before 1864 . House still stands in Kewanee Illinois on west Division street .
William H & Mary Angeline Whitcanack at their Homestead
People in this photo:
William Hiram Whitcanack
Jan 22, 1845 - Jan 27, 1928
Julia and John Knapp's Montana Home - In pic John Charles Knapp cousin Stattie and Earl G Knapp
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The Borden house - where Lizzie, her father, and step-mother lived and where her mother and step-father were killed.
A photo of the house built (continuously, until her death) by Sarah Winchester, wife of the gun maker, in San Jose California.
A photo of Valentine "Vol" Martin's Home in KY (b 1806 in NC d 1888 in KY)
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