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The back of photo reads, "Abel Parlin, Class '84". It's a studio portrait taken by Stanley in Lewiston, Maine.
I would guess he was born about 1860-1865 if this is an 1884 graduation class. There are a couple of Abel Parlins found in the Maine US censuses over varying time periods. But haven't made a definite match yet. Any info on this photo and the man in it would be appreciated. Picture was found at an antique shop.
at Stanley Studio, Lewiston, Maine USA


Barbara Batchelor I was excited to see this picture. My great, grandfather, Abel Ezra Parlin, graduated from Wesleyan Seminary at Kent's Hill in 1884. I found an old newspaper article in the Lewiston Evening Journal, June 6, 1884 announcing the graduates of the Wesleyan, including Abel and my great grandmother, Angie Lillian Swan. The Parlin Geneology mentions Abel Ezra graduating from Kent's Hill. Furthermore, I knew this picture had to be my great grandfather the minute I saw it because he looks so much like my uncle, Abel's grandson. Thanks for uploading it. You can find information about Abel Ezra Parlin in the "Parlin Geneology" on page 215 entry #397
May 01, 2015 · Reply
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