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Abigail was Born Premature, She was born July 11,2005.. She was Born at a 25 week Gestational period due to the Result of an oligohydramnios (Little or No Amnio Fluids surround the Fetus) pregnancy! She made her Grand Entrance weighing in at 1pd.6ounces and 12inches long. She would be named Abigail Grace Carter "Abby" for short.No one knew what to expect, So like most people everyone prayed because Everyone knew that Her Fate Rested in the Hands of God, She was so tiny and fragile, We all rooted for her to fight hard and overcome the odds, and for 7 months that what "Abby" did she fought with a Smile on her face the whole time.. Abby's journey was far from easy, it was a long and whinding road,No one knew what each day would bring, But after 3 months in the Nicu Abby was able to come home for the very first time, Since she was premature there were medical complications so she needed round the clock care, She grew Stronger and Kept Smiling through it all, there were a few scares along the way and some surgeries, But Sweet Abby kept Smiling.. She was know 7 months old and things were looking up, One Night Sweet Abby was laid down to Sleep,The Angels gather around her, for it was time for her come home, Her work on earth was done,So off Abby Fly's away with the Angels up to the Heavens. For a Moment Time Stood Still..But God does nothing without Reason,Sweet Abby is Resting peacefully in the Kingdom, We Miss You Every Day.. You were such a Beautiful Soul!! ...more info

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Abigail Grace Carter

Abigail Grace Carter

Born: Jul 11, 2005 in Collins, MS
Died: Feb 26, 2006 in Mize, Ms
Cause: S.I.D.S

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