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Updated Sep 21, 2020


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Early Carters

These are the earliest records we have of the Carter family.

1549 - Sep 1, 1605
1604 - May 14, 1672
1689 - Unknown
1694 - 1694
1704 - 1705
1712 - 1788
1717 - Unknown
1738 - Unknown

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Sample of 20 Carter Biographies

May 21, 1786 - Unknown
Jun 27, 1925 - May 2, 1996
Sep 3, 1936 - Nov 16, 2000
Sep 11, 1910 - February 1978
Sep 22, 1904 - June 1977
Jul 10, 1907 - Mar 11, 2004
Jan 15, 1918 - November 1980
Apr 29, 1916 - Nov 22, 1991
Nov 17, 1903 - November 1984
Dec 11, 1923 - May 2, 2009
Aug 11, 1936 - February 1983
Feb 8, 1936 - November 1988
Jul 18, 1905 - Aug 6, 1992
Feb 28, 1914 - Jul 15, 1997
c. 1977 - Unknown
c. 1946 - Unknown
c. 1953 - Unknown
Dec 31, 1969 - Jun 14, 1952
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1920 - Unknown

Carter Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Carter family member is 68.8 years old according to our database of 139,770 people with the last name Carter that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

68.8 years

Oldest Carters

These are the longest-lived members of the Carter family on AncientFaces.

Jul 4, 1871 - August 1984
113 years
Mar 10, 1883 - May 20, 1993
110 years
Aug 14, 1873 - September 1983
110 years
Jun 5, 1883 - August 1993
110 years
1786 - 1896
110 years
Feb 9, 1874 - April 1981
107 years
Oct 4, 1893 - Nov 20, 2000
107 years
Mar 15, 1881 - Nov 10, 1988
107 years
May 6, 1885 - June 1991
106 years
Aug 21, 1894 - Jan 17, 2001
106 years

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Karen Green-Warren
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...the following letter was written in 1910 and contains many surnames from the Stockdale, Texas area...I am including it here for anyone who might be interested as the letter was very old and weathered, and I interpreted it the best I could...

...the other surnames listed in this letter include the following:

LEIGH is the letter...

Stockdale, Texas
May 29, 1910
Mrs. Mintie Cooper

Dear Sister,

I will try to write you a few lines this warm evening. All are tolerable, well except the baby. His bowels is bad all the time. I just wish you could hear him talk. He can say almost anything he wants to, and just as plain as can be. He sure has long, curly hair. I curl it in six curls, and he is sure pretty. He has an awful sore toe. He may have the nail nearly off of it. Well, tonite ends our school for this term, and a big time is expected.

Oh Mintie, how fast the grim reaper of death is reaping in and around Stockdale in less than three months. I will name some who have been lain away in Stockdale's city of the dead. Here they are. Dr. Johnson, old Grandma King, Mr. Moffit, Mrs. Carter, Lottie Pritchit (or Pritchet), Mrs. Dock Rice, Hodge Bishop, Cathline Park, and two of Mr. Culpepper's grandchildren, a baby of Mr. Stevenson's, and it seems like there is someone else, but I can't think who. Oh, I tell you they are going fast, but the Lord knows best. Oh, who will be next. It may be some of our own will be the next.

I heard a few days ago that Mr. Morris (or Norris) Miller was very low and not expected to live. Mintie, they say the Bishops took the Hodges death awful hard, and his poor little wife is almost crazy. They had only been married six months, and she was in a very delicate condition. She was Alma (Ma – but cannot make out remainder of letters). Hodge joined the church last summer, so I hope he was ready for the summons when it came. It would not be half so sad if everyone could be ready, but just think of old Brother Carter's wife. She committed suicide. She had lost her mind, and the church had made up enough money to send her to the asylum, and they were to take her the day she was buried. She cut her throat from ear to ear. Poor old Brother Carter. I sure do feel sorry for him. He is 70 years old, and she was (either 38 or 48). Brother Carter is an old worn out preacher. He is the father of our pastor. She left four little children. I suppose the oldest is about 8, and the baby is 2. Two little girls and two little boys. She had several step children.

Well, Mintie, I sure do love Leroy's wife. She is sure a sweet girl, and is as jolly as can be. I have been looking for her to come down and stay a few days with me, but she has not come. I had a card from her one day last week, and she said she would be here as soon as Henry got back from court, so I sure looked for her Saturday and yesterday. Mintie, how many little chicks have you. I only have 26. The fleas are killing mine. I have 12 about broilers, and 14 about 2 ½ weeks old. All of them are growing fast. I had a letter from ma a few days ago. Pa was up but very feeble, and Willie was just able to sit up. He had had 2 or 3 hemorrhages, and Ma said he looked awful bad.

Marshal Leigh has had slow fever. I have not heard from there in several days, so I do not know whether any of the rest have taken it or not. Well, I must close. Write when you can. I have been very busy sewing. I have about finished up though. Tell the children to write. Hello Buddy John. How is the hot weather serving your fat. It and my fat don't agree. Oh, how I do wish I could walk in and chat you all awhile. I do hope you all can come down this summer. My Hub is working for 25.00 per month now, but will get more after June. Bye bye. Love to all from all.

Your loving sis,


Postmark was May 31, 1910 Winnsboro, Texas (Received)
Jan 22, 2004 · Reply

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