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Aaron Yelverton
Aug 27, 1935 - Oct 29, 2015
Adam Williams
Nov 26, 1922 - Dec 4, 2006
Agnes (Gibson) Cronin
1898 - Jun 10, 1981
Alan Arthur Bates
Feb 17, 1934 - Dec 27, 2003
Albert Finney
May 9, 1936 - Feb 7, 2019
Albert Payson Terhune
Dec 21, 1872 - Feb 18, 1942
Albert Spatola
Born: 1960
Alexis S. Weissenberg
Jul 26, 1929 - Jan 8, 2012
Alice Drummond
May 21, 1928 - Nov 30, 2016
Ann Dee
1920 - Mar 22, 2005
Anne Meara
Sep 20, 1929 - May 23, 2015
Anthony Quayle
Sep 7, 1913 - Oct 20, 1989
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Amanda S. Stevenson Jan Clayton told me that Terry Saunders was working with her in FOLLIES and she was very fond of Terry.
Mar 27 · posted to the person Terry Saunders
Amanda S. Stevenson Terry Saunders?#4 This was posted by a man named BILL. Posted: 6/12/12 at 10:41pm I have a couple of fond memories of Terry Saunders. In 1968, she was playing Lady Thiang/Mother Abbess back-to-back in summer stock in my home town, and I introduced myself as a fan. I spoke to her of my excitement about my first trip to New York the following week- a college theatre tour. She was very gracious and sweet in sharing my excitement and my enthusiasm about musical theatre, and about Rodgers and Hammerstein in particular, and seemed quite pleased that I even knew who she was, let alone that I was a fan. We spent an entire night's dress rehearsal in conversation when she wasn't on stage. I re-introduced myself in 1972 backstage at FOLLIES and she seemed pleased to meet me again. By the way, she shared that stage during "Who's That Woman?" with Jan Clayton- talk about being in R&H heaven! (Ms. Clayton was extremely sweet and gracious, as well.) The last time I spoke to Ms. Saunders was in 1980 at a gathering in NYC after I had moved here. She seemed happy I had made it here and I was happy to have shared that particular arc of time with her. A lovely, lovely lady.
Mar 27 · posted to the person Terry Saunders
Amanda S. Stevenson I thought she was a wonderful actress.
Mar 24 · posted to the person Capucine Lefebvre
Amanda S. Stevenson The third time I met Gwen Verdon was in a restaurant in Fort Lee, NJ. I said, "My buddy Scotty and I went to New Hope NJ to see you in Damn Yankees. Let's surprise her." I covered Scotty's eyes and said, "Who is your favorite dancer?" And Scotty said, "Caterina Valenti!" And Gwen said, "CATERINA VALENTI!!!???" I said, "That is your favorite singer. Who is your favorite dancer?" And Scotty said, "Fluid Motion: Gwen Verdon!" With that answer, Gwen gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug!
Mar 24 · posted to the person Gwen Verdon
Amanda S. Stevenson I met Stuart Whitman with my Bay Ridge High School buddy, Anita Dieppa. He was really thrilled to be recognized, especially for Darby's Rangers. He was very nice to meet and I told him I had a twin brother named Stewart, and that amused him because it was not a common name. It was an exceptionally memorable day because that was the day that Anita and I met Troy Donahue, Stuart Whitman, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Betty White!
Mar 17 · posted to the person Stuart Whitman
Amanda S. Stevenson No. I am not employed by this site. I have spent a lifetime collecting autographs and being a publicist. It put me in a position of meeting thousands of famous people. I treasured meeting most of them and I want these kind, generous and talented people to be remembered. Many jealous relatives do NOT want them to be cherished, so I make tributes to them. Most were household names at one time.
Mar 12 · posted to the photo Joseph Evans Brown
Amanda S. Stevenson Happy Birthday, Robert. Hope you are singing with the angels. (Another song of mine!)
Mar 09 · posted to the person Robert S. Dahdah
Amanda S. Stevenson Joanna Pettet and Zachary Cord.
Feb 26 · posted to the photo Damien Zachary Cord
Amanda S. Stevenson I wrote a musical, NELLIE BLY.
Jan 08 · posted to the photo Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman
Amanda S. Stevenson I interviewed Johnny Cash when I was a teenager.
Jan 03 · posted to the person Johnny Cash
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