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Amanda S. Stevenson Incredibly sweet and generous. She was a great conversationalist.
Jul 16 · posted to the person Susan Martin
Amanda S. Stevenson Alan Safier is an actor, a writer, a director and a singer.
Jul 14 · posted to the photo Elizabeth Welter Wilson and Alan Safier
Amanda S. Stevenson Went on a date and he couldn't get a taxi. Tried the subway and he was mobbed by autograph hounds. It was very funny because they all knew me which puzzled him. How I could I be such a big celebrity and he didn't know what I had done. Well, it's because I had been an autograph hound myself ten years before the date!
Jul 12 · posted to the person Barry Nelson
Amanda S. Stevenson I got her autograph and a close friend stole it after I treasured it for about 58 years! I cried my eyes out!
Jul 11 · posted to the photo Helen Keller
Amanda S. Stevenson I was four years old and being severely abused and Gerda Chan saved my life. She physically assaulted the person protecting my abuser and threatened to have them and my abuser arrested and jailed. This was a life saver for me. I looked for her for over 50 years to find her and thank her. I finally found her and she said at age 92 that she wouldn't die until I found her. Then she revealed a SECRET. For years the person who protected my abuser and my own twin said I had lied and I hadn't. She knew that they were lying even though my abuser had died when I was only 12. I loved Gerda for a lifetime and love her still. She was a nurse and she did the right thing. She got my BOOGIE MAN out of my life.
Jul 10 · posted to the person Gerda Roseland Chan
Amanda S. Stevenson He sent me the photo. He was a perfect gentleman and chose every aspect of the photo. What i would wear, how I was posed. He was intrigued by the bedspread I had made.
Jul 09 · posted to the photo Amanda Stevenson
Amanda S. Stevenson She worked for me cleaning house and driving me around Pittsburgh while she was going to California University near Pittsburgh. I helped her with her English homework. Gemma was very good in math. In a few short months she had enough money to buy a new car ($14,000) and happily bragged about it. I left Pittsburgh and moved to Virginia Beach. Birthday: 6/25/1959 - 7/17/2014 I once had given her gifts because she promised to stop smoking but she didn't. She died of lung cancer. Some day I would like to visit her grave.
Jul 04 · posted to the person Gemma Elizabeth (Michalski) Pahler
Amanda S. Stevenson Biography Gabriele Hammerstein, nèe Rosenhain, died peacefully at her home on June 10, 2018. She was 94. Born in East Germany in 1923, Ms. Hammerstein spent her childhood in Schwerin, a city in Mecklenburg, Germany. In 1936, she was sent to the US to live with her uncle, Felix Rosenhain in Forest Hills, NY. The rest of her family followed in 1936, and the family moved to Jackson Heights, Queens, where her mother set up a medical practice. The family lived in the back rooms of the apartment, and her mother saw patients in the front. After graduating from high school, Ms. Hammerstein, attended New York University for a year. She and also attended classes at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. She was active in the USO during World War II and was a civilian employee of the American High Commission in Frankfurt, Germany, from 1950 to 1953. Before 1962, she was performing performed as a Wagnerian soprano in East German opera houses. While in East Germany, she became involved in producing fake documents for Soviet intelligence. She was arrested in East Berlin on Jan. 2, 1962, and held for interrogation until August of that year when she was tried. She was sentenced after a one‐day trial to six years’ imprisonment as a spy. She served 27 months in East German and Russian prisons. Her family appealed her imprisonment, and clemency was granted in March of 1964, when she was released to her mother, Gertrud Rosenhain, and returned to the United States. Two US airmen were also freed as part of a prisoner exchange with the Soviet Union. After her return to the US, Ms. Hammerstein wrote several articles about her imprisonment, then compiled them into a book, which was ghostwritten by Mike McGrady. It was never published. During the 1970’s and 80’s, Ms. Hammerstein occasionally worked as an interpreter. She lived with and cared for her mother after her mother was incapacitated by a stroke. After the death of her mother in 1983, Ms. Hammerstein continued to reside in the Jackson Heights apartment that had housed the family since they settled in the US. She filed numerous lawsuits to retrieve family property seized by the Nazis. In 2014, Ms. Hammerstein slipped on the sidewalk and broke her hip. After her surgery, she struggled to maintain her health, but never regained her former level of activity. Her circulation continued to decline, and she was admitted into the hospital for infection in December of 2017. She spent two months in a rehabilitation center, and returned to her apartment in February of 2017, where she died surrounded by her belongings and artifacts from her life and her family. She is survived by her sister’s children: Eric, Helen, Miriam and Alice Nightengale. Her sister, Beatrice Nightengale and brother, Helmut Rosenhain, predecease her. Gabriele Carmen Felicitas (Rosenhain) Hammerstein OCTOBER 3, 1923 – JUNE 10, 2018 PLAY TRIBUTE MOVIE Gabriele Carmen Felicitas (Rosenhain) Hammerstein was born on October 3, 1923 in Bad Landeck, Lower Silesia and passed away on June 10, 2018 in Jackson Heights, New York • Memorial Service Sunday, July 1, 2018 Gabriele Carmen Felicitas (Rosenhain) Hammerstein LOAD MORE Biography
Jul 01 · posted to the person Gabriele Carmen Hammerstein
Amanda S. Stevenson My favorite Uncle Ralph.
Jun 30 · posted to the photo Ralph Gabriel.
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