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Scotland-In a count taken in Scotland for the census of 1861 Anderson was ninth in order of numbers on the list of fifty surnames in greatest bearing there. There were around 28,300 of them and nearly all in the Lowlands. In Ireland to which the name was brought mainly by Scottish migrants after l600 its use was not widespread and it did not appear last century in the list of one hundred surnames most prevalent in the country.

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Brenda Rudd commented on May 15, 2004
Vinegar Pie
1 cup of water
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of vinegar
1 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of flour
1 tablespoons of butter
1/2 teaspoon of lemon extract
1 9-inch baked piecrust
Mix together the sugar, water, eggs, vinegar, and the flour in the top of a double boiler. Cook, stirring constantly until the mixture is smooth and thick. Remove the mixture from the heat and stir in the lemon extract and the butter. Pour into the baked piecrust and let cool. Top with whipped cream if you like.
* Our Dad made this vinegar pie for us when we were young children. I thought it was so neat that Dad could "cook".
Brenda Rudd commented on May 22, 2004
Music and songs have been my lifelong friends. They have accompanied me through my childhood and past the rocky years of adolescence. They have helped me express my love and provided solace in times of grief. If I was in a silly mood, there was a song to express it; if there was a time of deep spiritual reflection, a song framed it in my mind.

When I think of favorite songs back in the "Good Old Days", I have a specific one that floods my mind.

"In a vine-covered shack in the mountain,
Bravely fighting the battle of time
Is a dear one who's weathered life's sorrows,
'Tis that silver-haired Daddy of mine.
If I could recall all the heartaches,
Dear old Daddy, I've caused you to bear,
If I could erase those lines on your face
And bring back the gold to your hair,
If God would grant me the power,
Just to turn back the pages of time.
I'd give all I own if I could but atone,
To that silver-haired Daddy of mine.
I know it's too late, dear old Daddy,
To repay for the sorrow and care
But dear Mother is waiting in Heaven
Just to comfort and solace you there.

*I have heard my Father sing this song so many times...but never understood the true depth and implication until he passed away June 12, 2001.
Thomas Anderson commented on Jul 21, 2004
You know how people sometimes say you shouldn't dig too deep when researching your ancestors because you might find one of them was 'hung for a horse thief'? Well, I'll be darned if that wasn't almost the truth in this case!

Keep on reading and you will encounter an 1866 newspaper article about my (in)famous great-great-great uncle Peter Anderson, who family legend has it ended up killed in a bar brawl in California years after the events described in this story took place, although we're not certain about that.

Here it is:

From "The Fredericksburg Ledger," Fredericksburg, Virginia
May 29, 1866 Page 3, Column 1.

A Horse Stealing Case

About two weeks ago, a stranger came here and offered our fellow-citizen, W.M. Lang, a horse, which he bought. Lang, giving $60 cash and his note for one hundred dollars at sixty days.

In a few days afterward, he was shown a handbill from Tenallytown, D.C., which showed conclusively that the horse was stolen. Mr. Lang at once took a guard of soldiers, the officers of the town, being all absent at Spotsylvania Courthouse, attending Leitch's trial.

Going to where the man, Peter Anderson lived in Stafford County, they surrounded the house and caught Anderson, though he attempted to make his escape. After tying him, they took him in a wagon and had gotten him as far as Falmouth, at which place about 9 P.M. at night, it being very dark, Anderson succeeded in making his escape, having gotten loose the cords with which he was bound.

Our friend Lange, got his money back, and the identical money too. Anderson when caught, had some $800 on his person, the proceeds, it is said, of the sale of some seven or eight stolen horses.
Ross Anderson commented on Feb 20, 2007
I am an Anderson from my father and his father and so on, we are of the Romany scottish Travellers (some small minded people call Gypose/Gypsies. We are decended from King Charles Far Blyth and I would love to know more on this family history, Where dose the Anderson , from many generations back come into it? If there are any other Traveller Andersons out there could you please let me know because my father is dead and i dont see my grandfather any more, thanks, STAND-SURE, Ross Anderson.
John Anderson commented on Feb 01, 2009
In the Dallas Morning News, June 12, 1936 it was reported that my relative John Thomas Anderson was credited with saveing the life of General U.S. Grant by deflecting a fellow Confederate Soldier's rifle who intended to shoot General Grant as he rode to the home of Mr. Wilber McClain to receive the surrender of General Robert E. Lee.
Colete Morlock commented on Jul 25, 2014
RE: Photo of Anderson & Arine (Nielsdtr) Olsen
I am an administrator for a Danish American Genealogy group on Facebook. I posted the photo on my group page and there are several Danish members who are wondering if you need help with their records. Here is a link to our page on Facebook or you can email me privately.
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