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Updated Sep 12, 2022


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Donald Brooks commented on May 27, 2009
I became intrested in my family history when I started working at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum. I am tracking both sides of my family. I remember being told my grandfather came to Illinois by coverd wagon from Nebraska. From the research I started at the ALPLM here is what I believe to be true. Daniel H. Brooks was born ABT 1780 in Vermont and died BEF 1843 in Indiana. He is listed as an Attorney and a Farmer and married Clarissa Spoor around 1800. They had 9 children What appears to be my decendant ALMOND D BROOKS (also listed as A D Brooles on the 1850 Federal Census) born abt 1808 in Franklin Co VT and married Fidila Plummer in Union Co Ohio on 10 Oct 1835 (this date may be off) was in the Civil War and he died in Adams Co NE around 1891. The 1860 Census show him living in Piatt Co Illinoius, 1870 Census show him living in Dewitt Co Illinois, the 1880 Census show him living in Sherman Nuckolls Co Nebrasska They had 8 children and my decendant was LEONAR BLISS BROOKS born Jan 1844 in Ohio and he married eithe Mary or Margaret Sprague in Ohio during the month of May of either 1846 or 1848. They had at least 5 children with my Grand Father WILLIAM J Brooks born Jan 1876 in Illinois. The 1850 Census sho him in Pike, Madison Ohio 6 years old. the 1860 Piatt Co Illinois 16, 1870 Dewitt Co Ill, 1880 Census show him in Sherman, Nuckolls Nebraska,( This makes the Nebraska Coverd Wagon story possible) 1900 cencus shows Clinton, dewitt Co Illinois, 1919 Census show Clinto, Dewitt Co Ill9 Listed as proprietor-fish market. My Grandfather William J Brooks is listed on the 1900 census as a meat cutter and this he did until the day he died in 1954. He married My grandmother May or Mae (Hal) in 1901 as she was either 13 or 14 at the time. I have several Census records and articles, pictures of the Brooks family.
Sharena Brooks commented on Dec 12, 2014
That was my uncle and was very fun to be around the family miss him dearly
Deb Buerer commented on Sep 05, 2016
I am interested in family history, I lived and farmed by the section Edward R. Brooks lived. Edward was my Great grandfather. M y grandmother was Mable Brooks-Mohnike.
Andrea Alford commented on Apr 26, 2020
My great grand father (william jennings brooks born 1897 )and his brother were the soul heirs to the brooks family castle in england, I would like to know more about this. I am having trouble tracing family tree back to england
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