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Updated Oct 07, 2021


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Tanialee Bowman commented
Here is some of the info that I have gathered... > Elgin and Julia had the following children: > Sadie b1873 > Della bDec 1874 > Ide b1877 > Kurtis bMay 1879 > Charles bJune 1882 > Lulu bMay 1886 > Jasper bMay 1892 > Edith bAug 1893 > Madeline bAug 1896 > The 1910 census says Julia had 10 children 8 of whom were living. > I found your grandparents on the 1920 census. There was a Hattie L.Oliver Elgin and Julia Flenner Oliver were my mother, SarahBelle Grazier's grandparents. Their daughter Madline, bAugust 1896 as listed above gave Birth to SarahBelle Oliver Grazier in 1929 in Punxsutawny, PA.). who is my Mother(I am Tanialee Haney Bowman) My mother SarahBelle Grazier is looking for any of her remaining family. Mom's mother Madline died when mom was only 14 years old and Moms sister Dorothy Grazier daughter also of Madkine, died the year before at the age of 25 leaving my poor young teen-age mother to cope a lot on her own. A sad sad story. Of course SareBelle had her dad Carl Grazier and her sister Janey and brother Norman Grazier to comfort her but Mom was the baby girl. It tool a hard toll on Mom for the rest of her life. Aunt Dorothy who died so young left a infant son Norman just a yr. and half old. He was raised by his paternal grandparents. Grandpa Carl was head of the Punxsutawney Drum and Bugle corp and Aunt Dorothy was head majorette. We only have a handfull of photographs. Mom and I would be interested in any storie, photos etc. Thank you, Tanialee Haney Bowman, [contact link]
May 19, 2007  ·  Reply
Debby Ferguson commented
Listed in 1861 Earle Report Daniel Slade 51 m Fall River 68 Lucretia Slade 41 f Fall River 68 Sarah Slade 35 f Fall River 68 Sarah Slade 46 F Fall River Lucretia Slade 52 F Fall River ====================== Mercy H. Oliver 38 F widow Dudley Brookfield Nipmuc Indian Indian Point Cemetery Indian Point, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Indian Point is located east of the town of Mahone Bay, and south of Rte 3. This headstone listing includes the following surnames as of July 1999: ACKER, ANDREWS, ARNOLD, BARNES, CUNNINGHAM, CROOKS, EISNOR, ERNST, FELTMATE, GORMAN, HEISLER, HILTZ, HYSON, HUBLEY, KEEPING, LANGILLE, LINDSAY, MATTHEWS, MORLAND, MOSHER, NAUGLER, OLIVER, O'NEILL, PERRY, SMELTZER, SOLOWAN, SWINAMER, TAYLOR, THOMAS, VEINOTTE, VERGE, WALTERS, WENTZELL, WHYNOT, WYNACHT, YOUNG and ZWICKER. OLIVER Fred W. 1900 - 1993 Father Helen M. 1906 - 1983 Mother 1871 Census of Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia Oliver, Nancy, Age 20, Shanty, Illiterate, Single, Potlotek Oliver, Peter, Age 26, Shanty, Illiterate, Cooper, Married, Potlotek
Jul 08, 2008  ·  Reply
My grandmother, Amie Florance Reeves Oliver, was totally blind, having lost her sight in 1948 due to cataracts. To pass the time, she made quilts. Her family would take her to town to buy the material, her telling them what colors she wanted. They then would cut the material into the shapes she wanted, and then put small safety pins in each piece. One pin would represent a particular color, 2 pins another color, 3 pins another, and so on. In her mind she would have the design of the quilt, and then feel the material to see how many pins were on it. Over the years, she made many, many, quilts.
Sep 13, 2009  ·  Reply
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