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Families researching: Gray, Hakelier, Hunt, Kennedy, Kroetch, Mccrealess, Mcgempsey, Pinna, Tucker

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Kathy Pinna Pat, Thank you SO much for the added information. I've added your father's name to the photo.
Nov 19 · posted to the photo John P. Clancy, Little Fog Horn Clancy
Kathy Pinna Clcik on the poster's name (Beatriz) and you can message her directly.
Nov 19 · posted to the person Leonore Mussenden
Kathy Pinna What is his correct birth date if March 3, 1887 is wrong??
Oct 21 · posted to the person Paolo Carlodalatri
Kathy Pinna Another turn of the wheel . . . and your grandson is still making you proud! :)
Oct 11 · posted to the person Marian Joyce (Benning) Kroetch
Kathy Pinna No, that's not true - you can add siblings if you click on "edit" under family tree, than add siblings.
Oct 01 · posted to the person Helge Olgard Emanuel Persson
Kathy Pinna Amanda - The email that I sent you a few weeks ago has the instructions for doing this yourself. It's very simple.
Aug 27 · posted to the photo Sandra Hayden
Kathy Pinna If you don't want to spend a small amount of money requesting a government record, perhaps your request will encourage someone else to scan and upload their copy. Guess it's a call of money vs time.
Jul 12 · posted to the person I Williams
Kathy Pinna It is changed. Thank you! :)
Jul 02 · posted to the person Myrl J Hanes
Kathy Pinna Anthony - Done. If you want to add or change information, you can click on "edit Helen's biography" (above).
Mar 19 · posted to the person Helen Valenti
Kathy Pinna That's SO exciting Shelley! What a blessing for them! :)
Mar 15 · posted to the photo Albert Daniel Thomas Jr.
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