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Updated Aug 24, 2022


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Anita Harmon commented on May 29, 2010
RW Stephens (Robert Wheeler b. Jan 17, 1926 Texas d. July 10, 1990 whitney, TX)was my dad. His mom was Oleta Clarice Brown.he married my mom in 1975 in Oklahoma city, ok. I was born. 2 years later little sister came along and we moved to a bigger house. Mom had baby brother whom died 6 weeks later. Mom left a year or so later. Daddy worked himself sick over the years and we moved around a lot, looking for a better neighborhood. We wound up in a homeless shelter braise he was crippled. Got gangrene in his left heel. He got real sick so I snuck in his wallet and dug out uncle Steve's phone number. Sister and I waled the city street collecting pennies and whatever change we could find. We put in a collect call to uncle Steve and told him how sick his brother was and where we were staying. He called daddy and a week later we got the money to get on a greyhound bus to Texas. RW died a few months later. He worked hard raising us right and seeing we had food and a roof over our heads.
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