Anna (Kline) Moore Harmon, 1909 Iowa

Portrait photo of Anna M. Kline, born 1844 in New Jersey. Married Gilbert W. Moore (1837-1875) on December 14, 1862. After his death, Anna married Mr. Harmon. Children with Gilbert Moore: Ennis, Eva, Luella, and Lydia. Anna Moore Harmon died in 1922 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah, Page Co., Iowa. Back of photo says, "Ennis Moore's mother, Grandma Harmon....picture taken approx, 1909".
Photo found in an antique store in Seattle, Washington. I am not a relative of this family.
Date & Place: at C.C. Replogle Photography Studio, in Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa USA
Updated Jan 03, 2020

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A found photo from 1909 Iowa, the owner did some research and Anna (Klein) Moore Harmon must have been 65 yr old. What an artistic photo of a grandmother!
Jan 03 · Reply
Jean Sanders
Gee! whiz. only 65 shortly Ill be 75 .oh my
That's how I feel - I have her beat, too! :)
Sondra Powell
Beautiful! There is a FB group called The Photo Alchemist - Worldwide Photo Restoration & Colorization Services that does amazing colorization, should you be interested. Check out their page.
I know that a lot of people like colorized photos - personally, I like the original photo without "enhancements"
Sheridan Fenwick
Josée Julien
Magnifique !
Sally Mix
She's beautiful🤗
Grace Loehr
Wearing her Sunday best, too.
Lora Gillman Boston
How times have changed....I'm turning 68 this year!
Shannon Michelle
The woman in the photo looks 80 not 68
Lora Gillman Boston
Shannon Michelle our grandmothers (of my generation) did look older...their lives weren't filled with modern technology and ease that exists for us today.
Shannon Michelle
Why did people age themselves so much back then? She looks 80
Heli Hukkanen
Shannon Michelle Probably hard work at a farm and many childbirths, tougher life circumstances overall compared to modern life.
Bob Gaines
I agree - hard life of hard work and very limited medical care back then. People aged more quickly. Life expectancy for her generation might have been about 45 years? Having 4-5 children was normal. Ads up to a rough life!
Lisa Perila
I love her hair 😍
Richard Woitowitz
Wowzers! I bet she read the papers during the Civil War. Probably had some interesting thoughts about it.
Gene Morris
Audrey Dupaix
Wonderful photo !
Bob Gaines
Women's hats back then were SOMETHING! (I assume that's a hat in her lap?)
Chuck Boiman
As I look at this picture it occurs to me how astonishing society has changed from then till now. What would that lady think of us?
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