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(heathy mountain), in a fen, or any of the various settlements with this name --
derived from their location near the moor or fen. That version comes from the
Old English Mor. Occassionally, Moore is a nickname for the person with
swarthy complexion, and sometimes Moore is a Scottish or Welsh nickname for
the big man, from the Welsh Mawr (meaning big or great).

Name Origin

About The Moore Name
Our MOORE name is derived from the Gaelic O'Mordha (descendant of
Mordha, a name that meant "great" or "proud" in Gaelic), then changed to
O'More and then was Anglicized to Moore - the same name of many families of
Anglo-Norman descent. O' meaning grandson or descendant; and mordha
meaning stately, noble, or majestic. These same Anglo-Norman Moore's are
called de Mora in Irish.

Spellings & Pronunciations

The Internet was used to research the Moores' in Ireland which has many
different spellings such as More, O'Mora, O'More, O'Moore and finally
anglicized as Moore.
About The Moore Name
Our MOORE name is derived from the Gaelic O'Mordha (descendant of
Mordha, a name that meant "great" or "proud" in Gaelic), then changed to
O'More and then was Anglicized to Moore - the same name of many families of
Anglo-Norman descent. O' meaning grandson or descendant; and mordha
meaning stately, noble, or majestic. These same Anglo-Norman Moore's are
called de Mora in Irish.

Nationality & Ethnicity

IRELAND IRISH/CELTIC Territory: The O'More's were originally located in County Leix (now spelled
Laois). They were the leading sept of the Seven Septs of Leix; the other six -
O'Kelly, O'Lalor, O'Devoy or O'Deevey, McEvoy, O'Doran, and O'Dowling.
The O'More's principle residence was Dunamase; a castled crag which served as
their stronghold.
The territory of Leix originally belonged to the kingdom of Leinster, but was
taken by Ulster and divided into seven tribelands. The O'More family remained
in Leix until they were transplanted to Kerry - after their subjugation by the
English - by a 1609 treaty.
History: The O'More family has a rich ancestral history. Their eponymous
ancestor Mordha was twenty-first in descent from Conal Cearnach, a great hero
of the Red Branch - Royal Knights of Emania. One of the many legends
surrounding Conal tells of him being in Jerusalem and witnessing Christ's
crucifixion. Conal can trace his ancestry back to Raudhri Mo/r - Roderick or
Rory the Great.

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Gary Thomas commented on Jan 01, 2007
Daniel Moore was born 6 Nov 1838 in Estill County Kentucky, the son of Eli Moore, born in Rowan County North Carolina and Mary Polly Warford, who was born in South Carolina. On 7 January 1864 he married Nancy Olive Taylor in Estill County Kentucky. Daniel was a very good shot with a rock. One time he was collecting fees at the gate to a fair. Two riders decided to gallop past without paying. When they wouldn't stop, Daniel threw a rock and knocked one of the men from his horse. Then both returned to the gate and paid their fee. Another time, some of Daniel's and Nancy's stock got our of their enclosure. Daniel threw a rock, killing one of the animals. He then remarked that "Oh, well, we needed meet anyway." But Nancy would have none of this. She told him "We won't eat this meat. You didn't kill it because we needed meat. You killed it out of anger."
Kathy Lamm commented on Jul 23, 2009
My 2nd great Grandfather

Name: Thomas Moore
RESIDENCE: Pulaski, Illinois
Enlistment Date: 2 Apr 1862
Side Served: Union
State Served: Illinois
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 2 April 1862.
Enlisted in Company I, 65th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 15 May 1862.
Received a disability discharge from Company I, 65th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 27 Sep 1864.

Sources: 7

REGIMENT: 65th Infantry Regiment Illinois
Date of Organization: 1 May 1862
Muster Date: 13 Jul 1865
Regiment State: Illinois
Regiment Type: Infantry
Regiment Number: 65th
Enlisted Died of Disease or Accident: 1
Officers Died of Disease or Accident: 1
Enlisted Killed or Mortally Wounded: 30
Enlisted Died of Disease or Accident: 97
Regimental Soldiers and History: List of Soldiers

Regimental History

Sixty-fifth Infantry. - Cols., Daniel Cameron, William S.
Stewart; Lieut.-Cols., Daniel Cameron, William S. Stewart,
Majs., William S. Stewart, John Wood, George H. Kennedy. This
was known as the "Scotch Regiment," was organized at Camp Doug-
las, Chicago, in the spring of 1862, and was mustered into the
U. S. service, May 1. It was ordered to Martinsburg, W. Va.,
and on its arrival was brigaded with the 125th N. Y. and Bat-
tery M, 2nd Ill. artillery. When Col. Miles surrendered at
Harper's Ferry the soldiers of the 65th were made prisoners by
the enemy, and although paroled they were not exchanged until
April 1863. It then served in the campaigns in East Tennessee,
taking part in the battles about Chattanooga and in the defense
of Knoxville. After a severe winter campaign the regiment re-
enlisted as a veteran organization and went home on furlough in
March, 1864, with over 400 men. Returning to the field, it
joined Sherman's army in the Atlanta campaign and on June 15
was brought into a sharp engagement with the enemy between Ken-
nesaw and Lost mountains. Lively skirmishing was continued un-
til the 20th, when the advance was checked by a deep and almost
impassable creek - the enemy disputing the passage of the only
bridge with artillery and infantry. Volunteers being called
for, about 50 men of the 65th Ill. stepped forward and charged
across the bridge, driving back the enemy and holding the posi-
tion until the remainder of the regiment crossed. During July
and August the regiment was engaged in numerous skirmishes,
some of them being quite severe. On Aug. 18 four companies
drove a superior force for over 2 miles. On Aug. 26, with 15
days, rations, it began the successful movement south of At-
lanta, driving the enemy from Rough and Ready station and de-
stroying the railroad, then moving to Jonesboro and participat-
ing in that battle. It followed Hood into Tennessee, was se-
verely engaged at Columbia, losing 3 officers and 50 men,
killed and wounded, and it was also in the battle at Franklin,
where it captured the colors of the 15th Miss. infantry. It
participated in the battle of Nashville, and afterward pursued
the retreating enemy to Clifton, where the regiment remained
until Jan. 15, 1865. It was then transferred to North Caro-
lina, landing at Federal point on Feb. 7, and was engaged in
the heavy skirmishes there. It fought the enemy at Smithtown
creek, capturing 3 pieces of artillery and 350 men. From Kin-
ston the first five companies, except veterans, were sent to
Chicago for muster-out, and from Raleigh the remainder of the
non-veterans were ordered home. On May 1 four new companies of
recruits joined the regiment and in June 4 officers and 250 men
were assigned to the regiment from the 92d Ill., 2 officers and
12O men from the 112th Ill., and 25 men from the 107th Ill. On
July 13, 1865, the regiment was mustered out and started home,
arriving at Chicago July 22, where the men received final pay-
ment and discharge, July 26, 1865.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 3

Battles Fought
Fought on 17 Jul 1862.
Fought on 25 Nov 1863 at Knoxville, TN.
Fought on 29 Nov 1863.
Fought on 18 Jan 1864.
Fought on 6 Apr 1864.
Fought on 15 Jun 1864 at Clark's Plantation, GA.
Fought on 17 Jun 1864 at Clark's Plantation, GA.
Fought on 19 Jul 1864 at Peach Tree Creek, GA.
Fought on 21 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA.
Fought on 29 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA.
Fought on 25 Nov 1864 at Columbia, TN.
Fought on 26 Nov 1864 at Columbia, TN.
Fought on 29 Nov 1864 at Spring Hill, TN.
Kathy Lamm commented on Aug 02, 2009
Asa Moore
Name: Asa Moore (the widow applied for pension)
Birth Date: 1764
Rank: Pvt.
Establishment: Maryland Line

Name: Asa Moore
Spouse Name: Elizabeth Thomas
Marriage Date: 07 Mar 1790
Marriage Place: Pr. Geo. Co., Md.

Moore, Asa, Sudbury.Private, Capt. Jonathan Rice's co., Col. Samuel Bullard's regt.; enlisted Aug. 17, 1777; discharged Nov. 29, 1777; service, 3 mos. 24 days, including 11 days (220 miles) travel home; company ordered to march to reinforce Northern army; also, Capt. Moses Barns's co., Lieut. Col. Perce's (Peirce's) regt.; enlisted May 29, 1779; service to July 1, 1779, 1 mo. 2 days, at Rhode Island; company raised for 2 months.
Teresa Sexton commented on May 29, 2010
Searching for my granpa Jim Nichols Moore . Married my granma Margret {maggie } Dorsey McLeary . He was an older man she was only around 19 ! My mom was born May 8 1923 I was told he came from somewhere else to Texas in the early 20's mom was always saying her dad my granpa was 65 when she was born . They traveled from pillar to post by covered wagon . He wore a wirery mustach that he was always twrilling around his fingers she said . Back then they never talked about the past or there lives . So I know virually nothing about mom's folks . She had an older sister and a baby sister
Francis Moore ,Betty Jo Moore married name Hensley ,Mary louise Moore married name Sexton remarried name Derr when she passed . was a W.A.C. in the Army 1945-46
Betty johanna Moore {adopted } from Sunshine home Dallas Texas by a Dr Cherry . I found her a few months ago she like mom had passed . But found her kids . I have since met with older daughter which is same age as I'm .
I knew of Francis as a child . they live in Lufkin Texas . She has also passed . I have been in contact with youngest child
1. Betty Francis Rouse
2. Don farris Rouse [Passed}
3. Rebecca ann Rouse [passed}
4. pamela sue Rouse Married name Lovette
5. Cindy Lou Rouse Married name ?

We are searching for information on our moms side of the family her dad our granpa Moore . Maybe we can find out where we came from way back when .
Janie Brister commented on Jun 28, 2014
Does anyone know who Diane Marie Moore? -born on 05/21/1959 & born a chilcott then adopted out by a Frances moore -she was born at a St.Mary Washinton hospital in Fredericksburg,Va.-if u know anything on this could u reply to me at [contact link]
PSS: as a young girl she had gotten burned real bad but as she grew up it got better but i was wondering what hospital she went to for the burns -her mom was 21 yrs old when she gave her up & the mom went to jail -if anyone knows anything on this please send it to me -thanks -im trying to help her find her real mom (that is if shes still living)
thanks & have a blessed day !!!!
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