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About Daniel's family: One of my more colorful (ahem black sheep) relatives was one of the first to be hanged for criminal punishment in the U.S.

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Daniel Pinna What a little guy I was...obviously not too interested in the camera at the moment. It's a great photo of grandpa.
Mar 29 · posted to the photo Frank Kroetch and Daniel Pinna
Daniel Pinna Henry Jackson Jr. had 181 fights with 151 wins, 101 of those wins by KO and 9 draws
Mar 29 · posted to the photo Henry Armstrong | Henry Melody Jackson Jr
Daniel Pinna So many memories of the Golden Circle celebrations in downtown San Jose.
Daniel Pinna Happy Birthday Grandpa. You would have been 93 years old today. You just made it into the Greatest Generation by a year! The Silent Generation - the generation following the Greatest Generation and preceding the Baby Boomers - has a cut off either in 1927 or 1928. I think lying about your age to join WW2 solidifies you making it into the Greatest Generation. I can only imagine how coming of age during the Great Depression and then entering WW2 impacted your perception of the world. Like mom said, I would love to hear your take on today's reality with online consuming so much of our daily routines, the politicians and now covid19. I forgot to mention we are growing horns because of screen time. ;) lol. I'm thankful you left so many of your business plans and writings. Miss you.
Mar 25 · posted to the person Frank Edward Kroetch
Daniel Pinna Too young to pass :( Deanna had a heart condition?
Mar 15 · posted to the person Deanna Michele Van Holten
Daniel Pinna Great one! I really enjoy St Lucia myself. Do you know who that is with her?
Mar 14 · posted to the photo Amy Winehouse
Daniel Pinna Great memory - thanks for the share! What year was this? If Robin was playing a mime (I assume on a street?) it must have been before he got his first acting role in Laugh-In in 1977?
Mar 06 · posted to the photo Robin Williams as Mork from Ork
Daniel Pinna What a stunning photo! Do you know where this might have been taken? I’d assume it’s likely a local preacher to where the Gleaton family lived?
Mar 03 · posted to the photo "Preacher Smith"
Daniel Pinna I will forever remember Valerie as Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-off Rhoda. For some reason I actually appreciated watching this show as a young child. I wasn’t the targeted demo at the time but it appealed to me!
Mar 03 · posted to the person Valerie Kathryn Harper
Daniel Pinna Great story!
Mar 03 · posted to the surname Williams
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