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Families researching: 't hart, Benning, Black, Cassidy, Doudell, Edwards, Finazzo, Jenkins, Jones, King, Kinslow, Kroetch, Kroetsch, Lee, Lionardi, Medeiros, Pinna, Righetti, Rubio, Tasker, Temple, Wade, Washington, Wu

About Daniel's family: One of my more colorful (ahem black sheep) family members came over on the Mayflower. He was among the first to be hung in the New World for a criminal offense he made while onboard the ship.

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Daniel Pinna Every time I see this photo I grin. It's wonderful!
Mar 26 · posted to the photo Frank, Joseph, & Mary Langhorst
Daniel Pinna How have I not noticed this photo before?! LOVE it!
Daniel Pinna Absolutely stunning photo of Ann Miller!
Feb 26 · posted to the photo Ann Miller
Daniel Pinna Alyssa, do you know if the jacket he is wearing was just a fashion? It is eerie how similar it looks to what convicts used to wear... :(
Feb 20 · posted to the photo Alex Ibersfeld
Daniel Pinna Rest in heaven.
Feb 15 · posted to the photo Koenraad Gezang
Daniel Pinna love love LOVE those bicycles - thanks for sharing the pic of your grandparents Sarah!
Daniel Pinna We raised slightly over $500k for the scholarship fund that year.
Daniel Pinna Ah, taken in 1942 California. I bet it was close to me in San Francisco. There's an interesting article from the San Francisco News in March 1942 that talks about forcing the last Japanese residents out of the so-called "Little Tokio," or Japantown, district. Thanks for sharing!
Feb 07 · posted to the photo Unknown Japanese-American Girl
Daniel Pinna This is a fantastic photo and great story - thank you Gaye for sharing George's story!
Feb 06 · posted to the photo George Roberts
Daniel Pinna This is a great photo!
Feb 04 · posted to the photo Schulcz Family
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