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My Cassidy family started in Fredericton New Brunswick Nova Scotia, another words Canada. My two times great grandmother Mary Jane Cassidy married Nahum foster in Canada. She was born in 1834, I believe her father was James Cassidy and her mother was Flora Patterson. They lived in Winnebago county Illinois, They had 11 children, two died in infancy their 1 surviving son died at 16 years of age, and another daughter died at age 25 leaving five children. My great grandmother Georgianna Foster was her fifth daughter. I would love to have more information on the Cassidy side in Canada, and her mother Flora Patterson was born in Scotland.
Sep 19, 2019 · Reply
As a young person, I find that I take genealogy for granted. This was until I found AncientFaces. Hearing other success stories made me want to discover and share a little more about my own ancestry. During my first search for information on the surname Cassidy, I found that I share lineage with former President Bill Clinton! His mother's maiden name was Virginia Dell Cassidy.

President Clinton, whose father died before he was born, lived with his maternal grandparents for several years as a child while his mother attended nursing school. President Clinton credits his grandfather, James Eldridge Cassidy, with instilling in him a love for learning and teaching him to read by age four.

Just an interesting tidbit I wanted to share. :)
Mar 14, 2006 · Reply