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Updated Jul 19, 2022


Most of the surname variations of Kroetsch, Krutch and Kroetch come from the orginial spelling of the surname KROTSCH (umlaut on the "o").  Occasionally, the spelling 'Kretsch' has been used for this surname.  Variations of the surname occurred as the original German name was mispronounced in the English language, and consequently changed to make spelling and pronunciation easier for each individual family. Descendants of the first German immigrant, Martin Krotsch, are spread throughout Canada and the United States.

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This name comes from the region of Bavaria. The name can be found in Radelsdorf as far back as 1690 with the baptism of a Johann Peter Krotsch (umlaut 'o'). With the immigration of Martin Krotsch and his wife Kunigunda Regel, the surname spread throughout Eastern Canada and into the United States. All people with the variations of the surname (Kroetch, Kroetsch, Krutch) are related by this immigrating ancestor. German, usually from the area of northern Bavaria.

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Joseph Wood Krutch, American writer, critic and naturalist
Robert Kroetsch, Canadian novelist, poet and writer

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Pam Marks commented on Mar 02, 2006
Martin was a Mullermeister in Kotzendorf, Bavaria, Germany, as he owned a mill. He decided to emigrate, with his wife and nine children, to Ontario. They finally made the trip in June, 1841, on the ship "The Pauline", landing in New York City. Ship's manifest: The Pauline, Bremen to New York April 21-June 1841 M.Krotsch,48(mechanic); Kunigunda,50; George,27 mechanic; George J.,26 mechanic; Johanasan,24 mechanic; Lorenz,21 mechanic; Fred,19 mechanic; Barbara,16; Battish(John Baptist),15; Fred G.,12; Kunigunda,7...

According to tradition, the first stopping point in their emigration was Buffalo, Erie County, New York. George, the oldest child, stayed in New York. The rest went to Ontario.

The Kroetsch family was one of the first settlers of Bamberg, Canada, arriving there in 1842. Kunard Kroetsch (named after the patron saint of Bamberg, Germany) was listed as the sawmiller, in the 1851 census. John Kroetsch, his son, was the town clerk for a number of years.

Martin's son, John Baptist Kroetsch:
John was born in Weisman, Upper Franconia, January 16, 1826. He died October 28, 1898 at Conception, Missouri and was buried there. On October 10, 1848, he married Catherine Batte. They had nine children. After Catherine died in September 1866, John married Agatha Rich on January 7, 1873 at Carlsruhe, Ontario. They had 5 children together. Sometime in 1874, John & Agatha moved to Conception, Mo., joining a number of Germans that had settled there among the Irish Catholics, near a Benedictine Abbey. Four of their children were born in Conception. Agatha lived until 11/27/1918, residing with her daughter Catherine Schenkel in Louisianna, Mo. She is buried at St. Clements, Mo., about 4 miles from Bowling Green.

John is listed in the 1871 Federal Census for Ontario, Canada,Microfilm # C-9935, page 46, division #3, subdistrict-Carrick, District: South Bruce. He was 45 years old, listed as Roman Catholic, from Germany, with the occupation of "millwright".

Per the "History of Northern Kansas", page 226:
" J.B. Kroetsch, Hardware and Stoves: Among those who have aquired prominence in business circles, we mention the name of J.B. Kroetsch. His commodious store room is 20' x 60', and is well-stocked with everything a first class firm usually carries. He was formerly engaged in the banking and lumber business in this city, and in that capacity thoroughly convinced the public of his ability as a man to carry on business beneficial to those with whom he deals. He has a large corps of competent clerks, and his stock is selected with a view to the wants of the people. "
Pam Marks commented on Mar 02, 2006
Joseph was the #1 surviving child of the nine born to his parents, John Battish (Baptist) Kroetsch and Catherine Batte. Joseph took over the operation of John Baptist's woolen mill in Formosa, Ontario. He married Angeline Chartrand, daughter of Luc and Margaret Cascagnette Chartrand on November 4, 1871. Joseph and Angeline had 12 children. The first two died as infants in Formosa, the next three were born at Greenock, which was nearby. In 1878 or 1879, Joseph & Angeline removed from Inneskillen to Manitoulin Island, to be closer to Luc and Margaret Chartrand. Four more children were born there. About 1886, Joseph & his family moved to Plainville, Kansas. Three more children were born in Plainville. Joe died young while shocking wheat in Illinois, and was buried in Plainville, Kansas. He left Angeline an insurance policy (about $5,000) which was unusual for those days! Angeline moved West to Idaho, then on to Spokane, Washington. She lived with the brothers (priests), at Gonzaga, working as their 'housekeeper' during the last 10 years of her life. She died on January 25, 1943, and is buried in Spokane.

Index of Certificates of Intent, Second Book 1881-1903
This is an index to the second book Certificate of Intent to become a citizen of the United States. These are sometimes called First Papers. The years range from 1881 through 1903.This book is located at the Frank Walker Museum in Stockton, KS. Copyright 1999. Darlee Sissel [contact link] Rooks Co.,KS, page 43, listed as Joseph J. Kroetch, age 37, born in Canada, dated 2/20/1886.

Listed in the 1910 US Census in the city of Cour'd Alene, Kootenai District, enumeration district 170 In household:

Angeline head age 58, born in Canada, living in the US since 1886, ten children born, 10 alive, widowed...also in household were her following children:
Elizabeth 25 born in Canada
Lawrence 24 Kansas
Fred 21 Kansas
Leo 16 Kansas

Listed in the 1920 US Census for Lincoln Precinct, Coeur D' Alene, Kootenai Co., Idaho in household with sister, Amaelia and brother-in-law, Robert Jack Bottrell...listed as speaking french in the household; Angeline is listed as 66 years old, and widowed.

Listed on the 1930 US census as living with her son Joseph, in Harrison Township, Idaho. Also listed is that Angeline and her son Joseph became US citizens in 1885, and "French" was spoken in their home.

Although Angeline died in Spokane, she was buried in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. (For many years, there was a Kroetch Brother's lumber mill in Coeur d'Alene). I know that she visited her son John Baptist Henry and his second wife Sadie in Dassel,Mn. - we have pictures of her there. She may have lived nearby for a while.

Received the death cert for Angeline 10/28/01. Washington State file #144. Angeline lived at the St. Joseph's Home on E. 707 Mission Ave., Spokane for the last 4 years of her life. She became a housekeeper for the priests at the home. Per the death cert: Angeline lived in Spokane for the last 20 years of her life. Angeline was 89 years, 1 month and 13 days old at time of death. She died of a cerebral hemorrhage, and was attended by F.W. O'Neil, MC|D. Apparently, from what I can gather from the cert, she had the stroke 2 days before her death. Information provided on death cert by Leo Victor Kroetch, Helena, Montana. Angeline was buried January 30, 1943 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Services provided by Hennessey Funeral Home.

Per, Angeline is listed in a periodical titled "Outaquais L' Genealogique, published by the "Soc. de Genealogique de L'Outaouais" volumne 17, # 2 (March 1995). ISSN Number 0707-8137

Per the Bureau of Land Records ( Angeline Kroetch was the patentee of land that had a title transfer on 1/27/1908. The land was 160 acres, located in Willamette, Stevens Co., Washington...doc. # 6542
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