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Barbara Hackett commented on Apr 01, 2006
My line of Tasker's came from New Hampshire,to the Jackson,Monroe, Maine area,then on to Dixmont.Where my Greatgrandfather,Alonzo had a long lumber mill and a shingle mill.he was married to Sultana (Tasker).yes some where along the line they were distant relative's.One of there children is my Grandfather Wilbur Alonzo Tasker born in 1875.He married Jennie E Allen of Dixmont.My dad was Ernest Wilbur Tasker.
Cheryl Sypolt commented on Jan 22, 2007
my family is william h.tasker he is my g-grandfather he married iad rachel smith tasker his father is james w. tasker he marriedmary a. wilson tasker 2 wife is ellenlora j. shrout tasker can anyone help me with this my e-mail is [contact link] thank you. 304-789-6766 cheryl a. tasker sypolt
Jessica Tasker commented on Mar 08, 2007
my name is jesica father is auril tasker his father was auril tasker married to a starr (small) tasker,my great-great granddad also auril tasker married a margorie (stevens) tasker this is all i have plzz help if any one knows anything.oh i am related to the football player steve tasker he was a cousin of mine so plzz e-mail me at [contact link]. thnks ahead of time.
Delleta Davidson commented on Mar 27, 2007
My little Tasker Family were from Banbury, Oxford, England. William Tasker married a Sarah Ann Barrett and together they had 17 children. 5 were born in England, which were Mary Charles, William, Thomas & James. They came to Australia on the Forest Monarch 1858 from South Hampton. Sarah married William in 1847, Neibington, Surrey, London.
William Tasker's Mother was a Sarah Banwell and she died 1857 along with her youngest son Henry who was about 14years old at the time. So I guess William decied that he would bring his little family out to Australia, maybe the prospect of a new land with new opportunities and a chance to be better off. For whatever reason they moved here they settled in Bombala, New South Wales and died there. Many of the children still live in this area, but some have moved away to other parts of the country.
Daniel Pinna commented on Jun 22, 2019
My Tasker line came from Wales and then moved to the US where we eventually landed in the West Coast - From Alaska for a time, through Washington and California.
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