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Updated Oct 07, 2022


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Michaela Wills commented on Feb 19, 2008
My mother was Deanna Gene Wills. Her parents were Joe Claude Wills and Bonnie Gene Steele. I don't know much about my family but I've been looking for them.....I have no idea who the entirety of my family is but I would like to know. My name is Michaela Wills and this is my Family Story.

I was born in Florida in 1987 to Deanna Gene Wills. My younger sister Sarah was born in 1989 to my mother. We don't know much about our fathers and our family. My father's name is John Morris Ward and my sister's is Al Nelson. I have two more half sisters from my father's side while my younger sister has more half brothers and sisters on her father's side of the family. I just want to know who my mother's family was.
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